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Summer, sun, fresh wind, the noise of the warm sea ... And, of course, smooth stones and starfish are indispensable attributes of southern travel :-)  

Today, together with designer Julia Kolbaskina, we will compose a beautiful summer decoration - knitted earrings "Starfish." The intoxicating noise of the sea in our ears ;-) 

. We will need: cotton thread light color  small beads in tone (35 beads per earring)  2   hooks of the right size  round pliers. 1 row:  4 air loops (VP ​​later), merge into the ring  2 rows:  5 bars without a crochet (RLS in the future)  3 ranks:  10 scs (2 scs per each loop of the previous row). After each 2nd RLS, advance the bead. . 

4 row:  for one tip of the star knit * [1 sc + 6 vp + 5 sc (after each column without a croche move bead + SBN]. Repeat 4 times for '*'. 
5 row:  for one tip of the star knit * [5 sc + 3 sc in one loop + 5 scs + 1 sc). Repeat 4 times for '*'. 

6  row:  tie the whole starlet all the way close to the RLS. 

assembly :) Gently hide the strings. Make the mixture [PVA + water glue] in a ratio of approximately 2: 1. Soak the workpiece in this mixture. Stretch, shape and dry on a flat surface. Can be dried on a sponge, fixing the tips of the star with needles.   

Star earrings are ready! Wear it with joy! 

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