Pink slippers with a pompom

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knitted yarn and hook number 7

we collect 12 VP (air loops) 11 + 1 for lifting
into the second loop from the hook we knit stbn (single crochet)
In total we need to knit 5 columns, then 1 half-column, 4 columns with 1 crochet, we have 1 loop left in it, we knit 5 columns with 1 double crochet in order to rotate our knitting , and then we knit in a mirror: 4 columns with 1 double crochet, 1 half-column, 5 single crochets, but in the last heel of the column we make one increase. We close the row with a connecting loop.
second row:
We knit all the columns with 1 crochet. In the first loop we knit an increase, then we knit columns with 1 double crochet to the toe, that is, to the place where we had one large increase (in one loop we knitted 5 st with 1 double crochet) and now in the first of five columns we knit 2 stsn, in we knit the second column 2stsn, in the third column we knit 3 stsn, in the fourth we knit 2 stsn, in the fifth also 2 stsn, then until the end of the row we knit all the columns with one crochet, in the last column we knit another column that is, make an increase, connect the row connecting loop, our insole is ready!
The sole is crocheted with number 7 17-18 cm , the top of the slipper is crocheted. We knit the slippers, we knit it in a circle and begin each new row with 2 air loops (VP)

1 row - the sole we are ready to knit 2 lift air loops, and then all the single crochets for the back wall, thus tied our sole
2 row - 2 VP (air loops), 6 stbn, 5 half-columns with 1 double crochet, 7 decreases (we knit decreases with columns with 1 yarn), and then we knit in a mirror, that is, now 5 half-columns with 1 yarn, then we knit single crochets to the end of the row and connect the row.
3 row - do 1 decrease (stbn), 7 stbn, 6 decreases with half columns with 1 yarn, then mirror - 7 stbn, stbn and at the end of the row do not forget to make a decrease. 

4th row - we tie slippers with connecting posts, you can decorate with pompons or bows

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