Knitted Yellow Slippers

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How to tie slippers?

Slippers for a loved one. 
We need: thread of two colors, a hook, a small piece of cloth and two perforated insoles

Attach the insole to the fabric and cut the inside.

Clean the fabric with the insole.

Tie the rest of the details. For the insole: we collect 5 air loops, gradually adding, and then decreasing by the very size of the insole (we try all the time to make sure).

We decorate the front part of the slipper with a chain of air loops.

We connect the sole with the insole to the posts without the crochet.

We knit the fringing, lifting the back of the slippers.

Sew the front part to the side slippers

Slippers are ready

Tie them in columns without a crochet

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