Crochet Red Shawl Free Pattern

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The shawl is knit straight and reverse rows from the bottom upwards. 

Dial 19 p. Do not connect to a circle. Knit 2 rows-all persons.
Knit 1-18 rows of openwork scheme 1 time-51, 5 p.
To knit 1 – 18 rows of the scheme 6 more times, having a rapport on the horizontal of 16 loops additionally 2 times with each raport on a vertical-243, 5 p.
Trail. Series (LS)-knit
Knit 4 rows-all persons.
Freely close all the loops of the trail. Way: 1 Persons, * scum, 1 persons, to throw the first obverse loop and a scale over the last obverse loop; Repeat from * to the end.

Hide the ends of the threads. Block Shawl

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