Cap for baby free pattern

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Yarn 100% merino 50 gr. 115-125 m. (Dona) palette, knitting needles 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm., Hook 2.5 mm. 
Knitting density: 10 cm - 20 loops, 3.5 mm knitting needles. In 1 cm. - 2 loops. 

Dial in the classical way the number of loops multiple of 3, plus 2 edge. 

1. Dial 63 points and knit with a 2.5 mm elastic band 1 * 1 2 cm high. 
2. Go to the 3.5 mm knitting needles and knit 8 cm with the front satin stitch. 
3. Next, arrange the markers as follows: 22 marker points , 19 p. Marker, 22 p. (On the front side of the web) 
4. Reductions: knit with facial loops until the second! Marker, reshoot the marker on the right knitting needle, tie the following 2 paragraphs together (2 faces. Loops with a tilt to the left)
5. Expand knitting on the seamy side, remove the 1st loop not knitted on the right knitting needle, retrace the marker on the right knitting needle, knit in the wrong side to the second marker, reshoot the marker on the right knitting needle, then 2 s. tilt to the right - 1p. remove on the right knitting needle, thread before work, 2 p. knit with purl, then put the first loop on the second loop) 
6. Work on the front side and repeat the cuts, see paragraph 4. 
7. Knit cuts until , while to the right and to the left of the markers the number of loops will be 11 p. 
8. Next, Imo cut the loop in the middle of the bonnet. On the front side of the web: Reverse the marker on the right knitting needle and knit 2 points together with the front ones with a tilt to the right, then knit with the front ones.
9. Tie up to two loops in front of the second marker and knit them together with facial tilts to the left. 
10. In the purse row, knit reductions in the same way as the loops were diminished in Section 4 and in Section 5. Note! At the same time we make reductions on the sides of the cap and in the middle. 
11. Reduce it in such a way until the sides of the markers do not have 2 sections along with the edge stripes, and the distance between the markers is 2-3 cm. 
12. Close all the loops. 
13. On the front side of the bottom edge, hook up an odd number of loops, turn over the work and knit with 2.5 mm knitting needles. 1 * 1 gum. 
14. Close all loops 
15. Tie the laces with the i-cord method 
16. Conduct the WTO. 

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