Knit Together Summer Bag

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The bag is very simple, consists of 13 squares, connected by the Pattern "Babushkin Square".

Pattern Here :

I'm going to knit a white and turquoise red cord. Hook Clover № 2.5. The bottom 5 squares will be turquoise in color, 2 lateral white, and 6 top striped.
Here are my strings

(In fact, the color of the cord is beautiful turquoise color, but I unfortunately can not use my camera to accurately convey this hue)

I start knitting with a sliding loop. For those who don't know her

When moving to the next row instead of three air loops on the diagram I use this type of lifting loop

The number of rows in the square depends on the desired size of the bag. I have eight. The square turns 15 by 15 cm.
The finished square is tied with one row of bars without a scale and only after that we cut the thread! In each middle air loop (in the corners) we have two columns without a scale.

I have got a square and here such Klubochek remained from a motochka-it will go on knitting of striped motives...

I cut the thread, then through both loops and so I finish a series

Further information for those who knits from kappronew cord...
I turn the square reverse the side, the thread pulls up and the tip of the then still through a couple of bars.

The tip is trimmed, leaving literally mm 5. Further action in detail

This is a discreet, and most importantly-reliable fastening of the tip of the thread. That's why bags of kappronew cord are not afraid of repeated washing in the washing machine!

I got a square 15 by 15 cm

Accordingly, the width of the bag will be about 40 cm

Girls, show who the strings-it will help someone to make your choice of yarn!

Tatiana 00740 wrote:
"Girls, bags well knit from Rose Vita 50гр \ 150м, well kept shape."

Krasnodar advised:
"It is still possible to St. Petersburg" Cameliyu "to take, just for handbags."

It is possible to take "macrame" from Yarnart, consumption of approximately 8 motpoints

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