White and Red Knitting Baby Set

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Yarn "Chamomile" plant named after Kirov, 320m / 75g, hook number 2, consumption of red approx. 100g, white approx. 200g, size for 1 year.

I used a scheme from a pineapple wipe. She knitted according to the scheme up to the 20th row, without any exceptions, but did not start the next row of pineapples, just knitted chains in this place. It turned out flat pancake ok. 24 cm in diameter. Knit for a year, OG = 47 cm, it would be possible and even more flat to tie, beret came out not very voluminous. 
I wanted to draw on the scheme of the deductions, but does not come out from me, it hurts to redraw a lot there ... If I try to explain, then I made adjustments in the chains of v. (shortened the number of chains themselves), and in place of pineapple continued to knit shell (ie, the element that surrounds the pineapple). Here's the diagram: 

Maybe this photo will help a little with the adjustments:
Bezel "beret - 2 rows st.b / n, a number of" windows "(st.s / n, v.p.), a number st.b / n, in the last row st.b / n knitted a pico after each 4th column . 

bolero should be 130 loops

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