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Size: 1 / 3-6 / 9-12 / 18 months (2-3 / 4) years. Head circumference is
suitable :  40 / 42-42 / 44-44 / 46 (48 / 50-50 / 52) cm. 

Materials: DROPS ALPACA by Garnstudio, light brown - 50 g for all sizes; Straight needles No. 2.5 mm (or the size needed to obtain a density of 26 p. x 34 row. front smooth surface = 10 x 10 cm); knitting markers. 

Addition advice: all surpluses are made from the front. Add one loop before and after the loop with a marker making 1 coat. In the next circular row, knit nakidi with twisted looped loops (ie, knit the backs of the nakida loop into the “back” instead of the “front”) to avoid holes (holes).

Council on reductions: all reductions are made from the front. Reduce 1 p. On each side of the loop with a marker. Start 1 point before point c with a marker. Remove 1 p. On add. knitting needle at work, remove 1 p. (= p. with a marker), persons. track. Clause and Clause to add. Knitting needles together, put the loop on the knit one. 
Description of work

Note: the cap is tied back and forth on ordinary knitting needles. 


Dial 117-123-129 (135-141) p. (Including 1 chrome. P. On each side) on the needles No. 2.5 and knit 8 rows of people. loops 1st row. = persons side. Add 7 markers to the detail from the front as follows:  
1st mark. in the 2nd paragraph on the spoke,  
2nd Mark. in the 25th-26th-27th (28th-29th) n.,  
3rd mark. in the 48th-50th-52nd (54th-56th) n.,  
4th mark. in the 59th-62nd-65th (68th-71st) n.,  
5th mark. in the 70th-74th-78th (82nd-86th) n.,  
6th mark. in the 93rd -98th-103rd (108th-113th) n.,

7th mark. in the penultimate n. on the spoke. 

Continue knitting faces. satin stitch. Simultaneously, from the 1st row, begin to increase and decrease - in every 2nd row. as follows:  
Add one loop after the 1st marker,  
Reduce 1 point on each side of the 2nd marker,  
Add one loop on each side of the 3rd marker,  
Reduce 1 item on each side of the 4th marker,  
Add one loop on each side of the 5th marker,  
Reduce 1 item on each side of the 6th marker,

Add one loop before the 7th marker.

Continue to increase and decrease from the front side in this way in each 2nd row a total of 6 times.

Then, subtract from each side of the 2nd, 4th, and 6th marker to the point where 15 p. Will remain on the needles. The detail will be approximately 15-15-16 (16-17) cm long.


Note:  2nd and 6th marker = ear cap. 

Knit trace. a row on the front side as follows: 1 person. 2 p. Together persons., 9 persons. p., knit 2 p. together persons., 1 persons. p. = 13 p. Repeat a decrease in each side of each row (from the seamy side: ex. 2 n. before and after crom. n. together) until 3 n. remain on the spokes, close the remaining loops and pull them down
Run the back seam.
Dial 4 items on the needles number 2.5 and knit as follows: * 1 persons. , put the thread before work, remove 1 p. as izn. , place the thread at work *, repeat * - * until the strings are not long in 20-22-24 (26-28) cm.

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