Wonderful lace skirt

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Tie yourself to such a wonderful fashionable skirt crochet - in it you will be irresistible. 

Size 44-46
You will need the 

Yarn of the Spinning and Yarn Mill. CM. Kirov "Iris" (100% mercerized cotton, 300 g / 1800 m), 400 g of black yarn; thread-elastic (spandex); hook number 2,5. 

The density of knitting is 

3 rapes. х 9,5 р. = 10 х 10 cm, is connected by a pattern according to the scheme.


Crochet a chain of 260 bp. and knit in a circle patterned pattern, making additions in each rapport: untie not 5 st. with a crochet from the 1 st century. the previous series, and 7 tbsp. with a crochet (see the diagram) in each 4-th row 6 times, then in each 2-nd row 14 times. Spraying 54 rows from the beginning, bind 2 tbsp each. with a crochet in each art. with the top of the previous row, close the hinges.

For the belt, tie the spandex to the top edge of the skirt, which tie the crochet st. without a crochet in a circle. After 8 rows, finish the job, fix the spandex and hide its ends.

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