Crochet White Tunic Free Pattern

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Size 46
The model is: and the spokes. 
You are. • DT g sttloy melange (70% A. EDT, 96 50 H 
125 m); Spokes on Umke ar 5-4.5: Grmkoiknaya kpa. 
The model is made by needles wavy pattern on the scheme 22. Modeling 
The Lupan silhouette is embodied at the expense of the main decreases in each raport 
In the morning after a certain interval lo the height of the Dcha to Izbehaљ Oshisyuk 
In [ATA l to tie the product to the desired size and shape needed before 
Start working with the pattern (see fig. 22) products in natural 
Individual characteristics of the figure, link the sample 
Pattern 22 on which shows the decreases of the canvas, taking into account the preservation 
integrity of the pattern. Calculate the decreases yourself. The calculation should 
Take into account the stretching of the canvas in the process of wearing. It is better to tie the product 
Width and smaller in length (at 5-7 cm) than intended, because under the influence of 
Own in a cloth of a ra; stretches, decreases the width and stretches out in length. 

Connect the parts of the shelves and backrest, starting раб01у with the blade of gum 1 x 1 height z cm, next 
Fill the sleeves. The finished parts on the side seams, fit the sleeves into the armholes, to 
Collar dial on circular spokes loops and knit on steep wavy roaring, making fava 
As shown in the diagram, when the height of the collar reaches 20 cm, hold a number of auxiliary 
Thread, attach the open loops of the collar to the neck cut, gradually weaving 

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