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Dimensions S / M (L / XL, 2XL / 3 XL) 
Measurements of the finished product 
Chest circumference 122 (142, 162.5) cm, length (71 (73.5, 76) cm
Jumper decorate voluminous braids in the center of the front and back. The original part is an interesting design of the bottom of the backrest, which is slightly longer than the front. 

The description is given for a smaller size. Differences for other sizes are given in brackets. When one size is indicated, it applies to all. For convenience, before knitting, circle the numbers related to your size.

Touch of Alpaca ™ Bonus Bundle® yarn (90% acrylic, 10% alpaca) 380 m / 200 g 5 skeins (Oxford Gray in the photo) 
Circular needles 5 mm long 40 cm and 90 cm 
Markers, additional needle for knitting braid, tapestry needle 
Knitting density 
17 pet and 22 rows = 10 x 10 cm with a broken elastic 
16 pet = 9 cm with a braid pattern 1. 
20 pet = 10 cm with a braid pattern 2 
Check your knitting density
Note: pullover consists of two parts front and back. They knit separately from the bottom up. Loops for knitting sleeves are drawn on each side of the armpits. 
Along the edge are edging loops. Long circular knitting needles are used because of the large number of loops, knit them in turning rows. 
Knit a braid pattern according to a graphic or verbal scheme. On the graphic scheme of faces, the rows are depicted from right to left, purl from left to right. 
When the description says "as installed", knit the next row according to the picture of the previous one. When the description says “knit straight,” knit further without subtracting and adding loops.


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