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Patchwork lovers can use the master class below to knit a cute pullover. However, beginning knitters can also master knitting patchwork, as the master class provides a fairly complete and detailed description of all phases of work.

Pullover sizes: 36/38 (40/42) 44/46

You will need

350 (400) 450 g of sulfur and 150 (200) 200 g of beige Corsofino yarn (35% cotton, 35% polyacryl, 30% viscose, 114 m / 50 g). 

Straight and circular needles number 4.5. 

Mesh pattern: the number of loops is a multiple of 4 + 1 + 2 chrome.

Persons .: chrome., * knit 2 p. together persons. cross, 2 nakida, tie 2 paragraphs together persons., repeat from *, finish 1 persons. and chrome. Out P .: chrome., 1 w., * 1 w., knit the 1st nakid izn., 2nd nakid persons., 1 w., repeat from *, krom. 

Pattern of braids (from 20 p. + 2 krom.): Knit according to the scheme, which shows only persons. r., in izn. R. all the loops knit on the pattern, knit knit wear. Repeat from the 1st to the 10th p.

Out smooth surface: individuals. R. - ex. n., izn. R. - persons. P.

Knitting density

Mesh pattern: 18 p. And 24 p. = 10 x 10 cm

Spit: 20 p. + 2 chrome. and 24 p. = 9 x 10 cm

Description of work

Attention! Back and before knit from individual parts that sew on the pattern. Arrows on the pattern = knitting direction.

Back / front: tie all parts 2 times. 

Detail A: type 39 p. With gray thread, tie 24 cm = 58 r. (26 cm = 62 p.) 28 cm = 68 p. mesh pattern and all loops close faces.

Detail B: dial 27 (31) 35 p. With gray thread, tie 30.5 cm = 74 p. mesh pattern and all loops close faces.

Spit A: beige thread dial 22 p., Tie 24 cm = 58 p. (26 cm = 62 p.) 28 cm = 68 p. pattern of braids and close all the loops on the picture.

Scythe B: beige thread dial 22 p., Tie 30.5 cm = 74 p. pattern of braids and close all the loops on the picture.

All the details are arranged according to the pattern and stitched. For the shoulder strap, dial on the top edge of the beige thread 86 (94) 100 p., Tie 1.5 cm = 4 p. from stitch, starting with 1 out. p., and all loops close out. For the bottom bar, dial on the bottom edge with gray thread 86 (94) 100 p. And tie the bar in the same way.

Sleeves: dial 42 (46) 50 p. With gray thread and tie for a strap 1.5 cm = 3 p. from satin + 1 int. R. from Then knit with a mesh pattern, repeating between the chrome. only rapport. For bevel sleeves add from the bar on both sides in each 8th p. 9 x (alternately in each 6th and 8th p. 10 x) in each 6th p. 12 x 1 p. = 60 (66) 74 p., Including the added p. In the pattern. Through 33.5 cm = 80 p. from the strap all the loops close faces

Assembly: perform shoulder seams on both sides at 13 (14.5) 16 cm, average 22 (23) 24 cm remain open to the neckline. Sew the sleeves on both sides of the shoulder seams to the upper 16.5 (18.5) 20.5 cm of the lateral edges of the front and back, complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves.


The scheme of knitting, pattern and legend:

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