Crochet Blouse Free Pattern

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Size: 34/36 (38 in) 40/42 
You will need: 100 (100) 150 g 
Roy, Blue. 50 (100) 100 g 
50 (50) 100 g of lavender color and 
Lilac, 50 g camel color 
Wool yarn (5036 Lpiacrypa, 
Fleece, 207, natural 
Silk. 275 and, ' 5 g); Hook 2-2.5. 
Square: Link 6 vpd. P. and connect 
With the help of a co-ed, art, 
The scheme of 4 circular p., for the 
Measure 40d2 Vjazaљ, as shown in the 
Scheme: For the size of 38 in the 3rd circular 
P, knit instead of St, UN llust_ S,/n, for 
34/36 in 3rd + 4th circular p, 
Knit instead of art. C, ' in half, 
Viscous density • 1 square; 6.5 x 
Front/backrest and sleeves: tie for 
The front and back of the 65 square, 
26 squares with a color combination 
1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Connect Squares for 
The front and back of the grey thread and the accordance 
Children with a pattern behind the back 
Schenka loops of squares. 
Assembly: Perform seams; All the edges of the 
Hall, Grey Life 2 circular p, UN, 
pattern See patterns : 

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