Jacket with embossed sleeves free pattern

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SIZE 36/38 (40/42) 44/46 

yarns (40% rayon and 30% cotton, 20% flax, 10% polyamide; 125 m / z 50) - 500 (550) 550 g of a dark brown; Spokes number 3, 4 and 4.5; 2 buttons of eggplant color with a diameter of 19 mm. 


Facial rows - facial hinges, purl rows - purl loops. 

Alternately 1 face loop, 1 purl loop. 

1st p .: 1 chrome., * 3 facial, 1 nakid, from * constantly repeat, 1 chrome. 

2nd b.: All the loops and nakida knit purl. 

3rd b.: All loops knit facial.

4th b.: Knit all the loops face, with the loop over the nakida pull down and dissolve to the 1st p. 1–4th p. constantly repeat. 

Before the pattern with the lowered loops: 2 items to knit together the front one. 

After the pattern with lowered loops: 2 knit together the front one with a tilt to the left (= 1 remove the loop, as in the case of knitting, 1 pull the loop, then pull the loop off through it). 

In each repeat of the pattern with deflated loops at the deflated loop, add 1 p., For which 1 p. Is knitted from the broach. Thus, the number of loops in each rapport is increased by 1 p. Include the added loops in the pattern so that between the lowered loops it is knitted by 1 loop more. 

20 p. X 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface of the spokes number 4,5; 
18 p. X 35 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a pattern with the loops lowered with the spokes No. 3. 


With Knitting needles No. 4, double-thread the crossed 89 (98) 107 loops. 

Then go to the spokes number 3 and tie 14.5 cm = 52 p. pattern with deflated loops. 

Then go to the needles number 4 and knit facial surface. 

Through 42.5 (44) 45 cm = 136 (140) 144 rows of the loop to close. 

With 4 knitting needles, double-thread the crossed 62 (65) 68 loops. 

Then go to the spokes number 3 and tie 14.5 cm = 52 p. pattern with deflated loops.

Next, distribute the loops as follows: knit with needles No. 4,5 knit: 1 chrome., 44 (48) 52 p. Face smooth, then go to needles No. 3 and knit on the remaining loops with a pattern with lowered loops, starting with 1 nakida. Such a distribution of the loops on the two spokes should be kept until the end of the part; when changing the spokes, the working thread should be tightly tensioned between the two patterns. 

After 25 cm = 80 p. face smooth in front of the pattern with lowered hinges to perform a 1 underlined reduction. Repeat this subtraction another 13 (14) 15 times in each 4th p. 

Simultaneously with the 1-nd increment, add in each stripe of the front smooth surface of the pattern with 1 st. Loops lowered, repeat this increment another 1 x in the 30-m p.

Through 17.5 (19) 20 cm = 56 (60) 64 r. from the 1st subtraction / increment, close 31 (34) 37 p. of the front surface, for the collar, tie another 8 cm = 29 (31) 33 to the pattern with the lowered loops, then temporarily leave the loops. 

Knit the same as the left shelf, but in a mirror image. 

# 4 with needles # 4. For each sleeve, double stitched in a 55 (58) 61 loop will be folded and tied for a strap after chrome. Starting from 1 purl row and 1 purl, 6 cm = 20 p. rubber band. 

Then go to the needles number 3 and knit a pattern with deflated loops. 

Through 5.5 cm = 20 p. from the plank add on both sides for bevels 1 p., then add another in each 20th p. 3 x 1 p. And in each 10th p. 3 x 1 p. 

Add added loops to the pattern.

After 2 cm = 8 p. from the last increment close all loops. 

Run shoulder seams. 

The left loop of the edges of the collar should be joined with a stitch “loop in a loop”. 

Sew the collar into the neck of the back. Run side seams and sleeve seams. Sew sleeves. 

Sew on the left shelf on the border between the area of ​​the front surface and the pattern with the loops lowered 2 buttons, 1 button at a distance of 22 cm from the bottom edge, the other - 12 cm higher. Button loops - holes in the pattern with flat loops.

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