Crochet Bag with Crochet Pattern

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Yes, and I will not go to the store for a bag, I'd better buy myself skeins of yarn, and I'll tie another new  bag with a crochet . Such as a bag in the photo. She's just quite crocheted, from round motifs with columns with a crochet. Let her not have a scheme for knitting, but I quite imagine how to link it yourself. And for knitting bags, you must first choose a round motive crochet. You can use one of these motives in the diagram below. And you can choose to look here - the  crochet motifs of the scheme .

And you can use this scheme for crocheting without crocheting. Then the round motifs do not even have to be stitched together.

ach row of the motif should be knit with its own color, then the handbag will turn out colorful and bright. Only for the basic color I would not choose white - too much for the bag. Handles, too, knit quite simply - columns with a crochet. I think, for a basis it is necessary to sew a cover from a fabric and to enclose inside a knitted cloth - that did not stretch.

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