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re is such a toy-rattle offers to tie Olga, the author of MK. This toy can be not only for very young children, it can also be used as part of a mobile to a room. Who does not want to live in childhood? :) In the same way you can tie a bee and a bird. In general, fantasize and create! :)
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For work you will need: a plastic egg from Kinder Surprise, a few beads (or beads), yarn of yellow and any other bright color (I took pink), a hook.

Put the beads into the egg-container, close and tie it with yellow threads, first constantly adding and then diminishing the loops. 

Then circle the egg with pink threads.  

Now knit 4-5 rows in a circle, almost constantly adding loops. The more loops you add, the more fluffy the flower will be. 

The flower is ready. You can embroider the eyes and mouth on it.  

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