Crochet Sunflower

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The central part is connected with beads. Threads - YarnArt Tulip (microfiber). Petals are without cornices, leaves are Tunisian columns.
A wire frame is laid along the perimeter. I do not know why I tied a sepal sepal; the underside is still not visible to anyone :)

I placed under the cut a couple of suggestions on the topic "how to tie." Link the circle in a spiral of columns without a crochet: 6-12-18-24-30-36-42-48. Each of the 12 petals knits on three loops of the round base, between the petals the gap in one loop of the base (12 * (3 + 1) = 48; if you need another number of petals, you need to change the size of the roundfly). For a petal to type a chain from in (I do not remember how many typed, 15-17 - hardly more). The first row of tying sb. To knit the sbn in the next loop of the circle-base, unfold the knitting, tie the future petal along the perimeter first 1-2 sb, then a few polustolbikov with a crochet, then posts with crochet; from the butt - a few in one loop, so that the fabric is not pulled together; and, going down from the top of the petal to the base, knit symmetrically (at first the columns with the crochets, then the half-columns with the crochets, then the posts without the crochet). To knit a column without a crochet in the loop of the base, to untwist the knitting, to attach the wire (without cutting off the coil) and to tie the petal with the pillars without the crochet. Pryazat '3 pillars in the basis and repeat. Write longer than tying :-)

The middle knit in a spiral with columns without a crochet with pre-strung beads. Before each column, you just need to push the next bischenku close to the hook. The beads are on the wrong side of the canvas. The scheme of increments is standard: 6-12-18-24-30 -... etc. up to the desired diameter.

Here are the blanks:

Leaves and sepals I did not photograph separately. Seagull - a circle of columns without a crochet, tied with a pico. The leaves are connected in Tunisian technique from the top down (3-5-7-9-11-13-13-13-13-13-11-9-7-5-3-2-1) and tied with columns without a crochet along with a wire . The wire stems, together with the filament ends, are inserted into the last row of the sepals. Something like this...

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