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Today I would like to tell you about lazy patterns. They are called so because they only look complicated, but in fact they fit easily, and the end result is very good. There are a whole lot of such drawings, but the one I want to tell about is my favorite of them. Despite the fact that it looks two-colored, you will always have one thread in your work, and only every two rows will you alternate the colors of the threads. The effect of the pattern is achieved by taking off the loops. If I was able to interest you, then let's start! 

We will need: threads of two colors, a pair of knitting needles, a pair of skillful hands and a good mood! So, let's go! 

Recruit needles 37 loops. 

The next (purl) series is knotted with facial loops.

Now we turn our sample to the front side, we tie a second color ball to the edge and knit the 

first person with a white thread . R. (white thread) - retrace the loop without knitting (thread at work), 3 persons., retake the loop, 3 persons. Repeat the loop, etc., the 

2nd r. cast (white thread) - rewind the loop (thread before work), 3 persons. , 1 loop retake, 3 persons .... and so on. 

That is what will happen on the face. 

Thread change again. 

3rd p. face (brown thread) - 2 persons. n, 1 (white) retake, 3 persons, 1 retake, 3 persons. etc. 

4 th p. purl (brown thread) - 2 facial, 1 reshoot, 3 facial, 1 reshoot, etc. 

Then repeat the pattern from 1 row to 4. 

That's what we should get.

This drawing is suitable for any product. But most of all I like to use it on children's mittens — there are no extra threads inside, children's fingers are not confused. And such mittens are also very warm and comfortable, I think it is very important at this time of year. 


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