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It's no secret that sometimes many of us have problems with buying or selecting eyelets for crocheted or knitting needles. 

I suggest a variant of knitted peepholes, they are good because they can be colorful and suitable for toys from 12 cm. The thinner the hook and thread, the more elegant the eyes will be. I most often knit them with fine sewing threads, but for MK I took iris, so that the eyes were bigger. also a very good fit threads floss (a huge number of colors, the ability to vary the thickness of the thread, as well as the length of the thread should be enough for the iris.) 
I will show only the principle, to change the number of loops or rows can be at your discretion.We 
will need: white, , stuffed material and hook.

1. Take a white thread and type 7 stb in a circle or 2 loops and 7 stems in 2 loop. 

2. From each loop we unfasten 2 stb. (14) 

3. Next we knit 3 rows in a circle. 

Knitted bulging eyes for toys 

4. 1 stb, reduction to the end of the row. Tight stuff the ball 

Knitted bulging eyes for toys 

5. Do the adjustments to the end of the row and close the ball, leaving a long thread. 

1. Take a black thread and type 6 stb in a circle or 2 air loops and 6 stems in 2 loop. 

2. Replace the thread with a colored one. From each loop, we unfasten 2 strings each. (12) 

3. The next row of 1 stb, increase, alternate to the end of the series, we hide the tail 
. 4. We replace the thread with a thinner black one and go around the circle with a connector. we leave a long string

1. We prick the iris to the ball with a pin, we thread a long string of the iris into the needle and sew it around the circle, then we do not cut the thread, but bring it to the base of the ball. The 

eyes are ready. Now they can be sewn to toys, threads are needed so that the eyes can be pulled better. 
I hope that such eyes will be useful to you.

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