Knitting Baby Hat Petite

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Sizes: 12-18 months / 2-4 years / 4-6 years.

Dimensions of the finished cap:

The length from the set of loops to the neckline of the backrest: 7.25 / 8.25 / 10.25 "= about 18/21/26 cm.

The length from the set of loops to the top of the hood: 12.75 / 14.75 / 17.75 "= about 32/37/45 cm.

Width on chest: 7/8/9 "= about 18/20/23 cm.

To knit a hat-hat you will need:
Jade Sapphire 8-ply Cashmere (100% Mongolian cashmere, length = 91 m in 55 g) 2/3/4 skein or Swans Island Merino Worsted (100% merino wool, length = 229 m in 100 g) 1/1 / 2 skeins;

circular knitting needles 5 mm;

loop holders or auxiliary yarn.

Knitting density:
5 loops = 2.5 cm, patterned garter stitch.

Description and patterns of knitted hat-knitting.
Hat cap or hat in the form of a hood turns into a scarf, which serves as a shirt-front and warms the baby.

This design is very convenient, because the neck of the child remains warm, unlike the scarf, which can be opened when the kid is sporting or spinning.

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