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Warm crocheted booties for your baby.

Knitting description:


First, knit the sole according to the scheme:

Having finished to knit the sole, we do not tear off the thread, but continue to knit the toe of the SBN for the lower stitch of the sole loop (1st row). 
Then we go to knit the main pattern according to the scheme No. 2 with the hook No. 2.5.

2 row: 34 C (column) of the pattern (po5 loops on the hook, knit for the lower lobule of the lower row) 
3 row: 69 SCS (a column without nakida) (behind both lobes of the lower row) 
4 row: 9 C of the pattern (5 each ) 2 From the pattern (6 each), 7 C patterns, 2 C patterns (6 loops each), 12 C (5 each) of the main pattern. 
5th row: 65 scs 
6th row: 9 С (5 patterns), 2 С patterns (7 loops), 1 С pattern (9), 2 С patterns (7), 12 С (Po5) of the main pattern. 
7th row: 53 SBN 
8th row: 9 С (po5) of the pattern), 2 С of the pattern (8 
each ), 12 of the pattern (5) 9th row: 47 
СНН 10ryad: 9С of the pattern (5), 1 С of the pattern (po7) , 12 With a pattern (5) 
10 next, we finish tying the toe to the bootie.
Then, from the inside out we attach the thread from the middle (mark it in advance with a marker), and we knit a circular row of sc to the middle, which we noted. 
2 row: 21 From the main pattern (5 loops on the hook) 
3 row: 43 SBN for the bottom segment 
4 row: 21 From the pattern (po5 loops5 row: 43 SBN 
5 row: 43 
SBN 6 row: 21 From the pattern on (5 loops) 
this series we finish knit boots. 

Take the thread of a different color  
1 number: 20 sc 
2 row: 2 sc in one sc bottom row (start adding bars), 18 sc, 2 sc in one loop 
3ryad 22 RLS 
4 row: 2 sc in one column, 20 scs, and again 2sbn in one loop 
5 row: 24 
scn 6 row: 2 scn in one loop, 22 scn, 2 scn in one loop. 
7 row: 26 sc
8 row: 2 sc in one loop, 1 sc, then make 3 air loops and attach to 4 scns of the bottom row, 18 sc, again make 3 air loops and attach to 2 loops from the edge, 2 sc in the last loop 
9 row: 28 Sc 
10 row: 2 sc vodu loop, 26 sc, 2 sc in one loop 
11 row: 30 sc 
This is how we finish knitting strap, sew on buttons. 
And we tied the bottom of the sole with a semi-column.

Source : http://petelki.com.ua/1878-dvuhcvetnye-pinetki-sapozhki.html

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