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yarn 100% cotton PELICAN (50 g / 330 m.), hook number 1 

irls, descriptions and schemes for the set "Mamino Solnyshko" I do not. knitting began with a flirt. for this I dialed a chain from the VP and linked several rows round. knitted "Check marks" - 1СН 1ВП 1СН. further knitting has divided and knitted before and a back separately, tying armholes. When the coquette was ready, she began to knit down her skirt down from her. I have a few pictures of the drawing closer, it can come 

in handy: at the end I tied up my sleeves. knitted like this: 
1. The main drawing was connected with a sleeve, a little more than necessary. 
2. vshila him, prboriv, ​​in the armhole. 
3. tied the ruff.
4. with the inside of the knitting rubber. 
lining sewn from a knitted mesh. sewed him in the atelier. 

and a few photos of the sarafan details. on the last photo - the underside.

I redraw the scheme a few times. I hope that everything is correct.

and a photo of an openwork pattern and frills closer: 

Sleeve (we knit 2 parts). 

We select a chain from the EP and we knit 33 tick marks on it. Next, in each row, we 
subtract 1 tick from both sides, until 11 checks are left in the work 
. Sleeve, plybarivaya, sewed into the armhole. Then we knit, attaching the 
sleeve to the armhole at the beginning and at the end of the row, the pattern is 

knitted again with a pattern according to the 

photo scheme for the appearance of a similar sleeve

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