A cap with the needles My little squirrel with naughty tassels

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winter hat with ears and playful tassels will not leave indifferent any small fashionista. 

This is a very simple children's hat square, it’s not necessary to count any loop hinges when knitting the crown. 

Even if you have never knitted hats before, believe me, you will cope with this hat. 

For knitting, I used a very warm and fluffy yarn “Gloria” 50% down baby alpaca, 40% merino wool, 10% microfiber 150m / 50gr, color No. 09. So that my daughter would not freeze even on very cold winter days, I knitted a hat in two thread, needles number 3.5. 

The pattern of the caps is extremely simple - a rectangle. 

The width of the rectangle is the half-grip of the head circumference. 

The height of a rectangle is the sum consisting of the value of the diameter of the bottom of the cap and twice the height of the cap. 

I already explained how to calculate these values ​​in the article “Technique for calculating loops for knitting a round hat according to your measurements”.

I give the description of the cap at the age of 1.5-3 years old (that is how much my daughter wore it, her head was small, although even at the age of 4 I was able to pull her cap on until I knitted a new one). I scored 42 loops on the knitting needles (2 of them were edging) and knitted 84 rows in the above scheme. Children are all different and the size of the head can be very different even in even-aged children. So do not be lazy to still make your calculations of the density of knitting. 

The knitted fabric needs to be folded in half and sewed the side seams. Next, knit gum caps, picking up the loop around the stitched cap. I knitted a rubber band like this: I scored 80 loops, knit 2 rows, reduce the number of loops in half, knit 4 rows, increase the number of loops again to 80 and knit 2 more rows, sew on the front side with a chitching stitch.

On the ears of the cap need to sew tassels-spiral. Tassel caps crochet , in one thread. Tassels I tied on each side for three pieces of different lengths. To knit three different brushes, you need to make a chain of 20, 25 and 30 air loops, respectively. We knit 4 crochets in each loop of the chain. Spirals spin themselves. 

The caps of the cap are made of 8 loops, round on two knitting needles and sewn to the cap.

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