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We store yarn and forward) I'll knit everything from the same Alize Lana Gold. The cap is double, so you need two hanks. And also pink (or any other for your taste). I have a Semenovskaya fire. Needles №3-3,5. 

First, we'll link the sample to link the cap of the nominal size that we need. 

Pattern pearl or putank (even number of loops) 

1 row: 1 persons, 1 dep. 
2 ranks: 1 out of 1 persons. 
repeat these two series. 
We type on the spokes 20 loops plus 2 edges. And we knit approximately 20 rows. Then we erase our sample, we dry it, and then we measure it) 

it turned out 12 cm. We 

recall the mathematics in order to calculate the number of loops we need) 

12 cm - 20 loops (do not count edges)
53 cm (the required volume) - x loops 
x = (20 * 53): 12 = 88. I round this figure to 90 (the number should be divided by 5). I think that if you have, for example, 82, then it is better to round up to 80. 

Then we start to knit the ears. Each of them has 1/5 of all loops. 
We type on the spokes 4 + 2 edge loops. 
knit the main pattern of 2 rows, after which in each second row (I have odd rows), we add 1 loop from the edges. 
Continue adding loops until there are 90: 5 = 18 loops plus our 2 edge stitches. 
Next, I tied another 10 rows. If you want the ears more authentic, then knit more rows, and if shorter, then reduce the number of rows. That's what I got. The second ear is knitted similarly.
And then we dial 18: 2 = 9 loops, then we sew the loops of the first tab, then we dial 18 * 2-2 = 34 loops, we sew loops of the second tab, and again we type 9 loops. 

We knit directly the basic pattern. 

First I'll write, I'll add the photo later. 

After I knotted 14 cm, I began to make adjustments: I divided all the loops into 6, 6 wedges of 15 loops were made, and then in each second row I tied together the first two and last two loops of each wedge. At the end, when there were three loops left from each wedge, she fastened the first and second loops together, and the third one was simply facial, and in the purl series she fastened all the loops in pairs. Total on the spokes remained 6 loops plus two edge, so I took all 8 loops and pulled.

Then we knit the lining. There are two options there - take the spokes thinner or get smaller loops. I typed the same spokes on 6 loops less, so that the resulting number is divided conveniently into 6) This is 84 loops plus 2 edges. Knit the facial smoothness, but not 14, but 13 cm, ie 1 cm less, so that our lining does not wrinkle afterwards. Having tied 13 cm, I made adjustments, but now I have 14 loops in each wedge. At the end there will be 6 plus 2. 

Then make a back seam on both caps. Then we put them one into the other and connect the knot of the tail from both heads (on top of the head).

Now we need to connect the caps. I'm doing it crocheting. I also tie the two caps together at the same time: I start from the back seam, when I reach the eye, I begin to tie the ear itself, then I tie the forehead, then again the ear and again the loop of the neck. It turns out that in the area of ​​the ears the lining is not attached to the cap, so here we sew it to the top.

Then, for the inner ears, which will be tied, we type along the edge of the lining of the loop. I have 17. I use this way (starting with the purl series): 1 chrome, 1 out of 1, 1 person, 9 old, 1 person, 1 old, 1 chrome. I knit 5 rows. Then the beginning of the decrease in every second (front) row. Decreases first I do on 9 facial middle loops - I tie the first and second, eighth and ninth together. And so on until there are no more than three middle loops. I sew these three loops together. Then to the next. the front row again three middle loops together facing, and again. There remains 1 loop and 2 chrome. I close them. The second tab is similar. 

Now cat ears. 

Knitted by the scheme from Marina Trikoz.

the outer eye is knitted with the main color (I have a gray color), the inner one is pink, and then we put them together and we tie them with 2-3 rows of columns without a crochet, without forgetting to knit three posts in one corner of the base in the corners.

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