Knitting Dress Set for Kids

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All the patterns and master classes for which the kit was knitted were found on the net.
Necessary materials:
Yarn Linate 100 gr. - 780 m. (White), Iris Kirov 25 g. - 150 m. (Pink).
Hook 1.2.
Two sewing buttons for the dress.
Вп - air loop
ss - connection bar
sb - column without crochet
ssn - column with crochet
arch - 2 ssn in 1 loop, bp, 2 ssn in the same loop
Decrease - 1 loop is tied together
fan - ssn in the loop, in, ssn in the same loop, in, ssn into the same loop
an increase of 2 sb from one loop
Since there is no opportunity to link the second set, I will explain the principles on
which everything was done. Knitting not checked, maybe a discrepancy of 1 - 2
loops on the front of the dress.

We type 62 in. 14 (back) + 7 (sleeve) + 20 (front) + 7 (sleeve) + 14 (back). We knit with turning rows to give the relief a pattern. Since raglan here no, it is necessary to follow the line of the sleeve. 1 row: sb in each loop, in, turn 2 ranks: 14 sb, bn, (ssn, bn) * 7 times, 20 sb, w, (ssn, bp) * 7 times, 14 sb, w, turn 3 rd: sbn in each loop, in, turn 4 series: 14 sb, ssn, (bp, csn) * 14 times, 20 sb, ssn, (bp, ssn) * 14 times, 14 sb, turn 5 series: sbn in each loop, in, turn 6 series: 14 sb, 29 cms, 20 sb, 29 cms, 14 sb, c, turn 7 series: sbn in each loop, in, turn 8 ranks: 14 sbn, 1 pcn, 27 cms, 1 pcn, 20 cms, 1 pcn, 27 cms, 1 pcn, 14 cms, turn 9th row: sbn in each loop, in, turn 10th row: 14 sb, 14 deductions, 22 sbn, 14 deductions, 14 sb, b, turn 11th row: 14 sb, 10 in, 14 loops pass (sleeve), 22 sb, 10 th, 14 sts we miss (sleeve), 14 sb, b, turn 12 series: 14 sb, 10 sb (sleeve), 22 sb, 10 sb (sleeve), 14 sb, b, turn we attach the pink thread, do not tear off the white thread, we knit a pink thread 13-14 series: sbn in each loop, in, turn. Attach the pink thread and cut off. Then we knit according to the scheme:

15 row: white thread (1 sb, skip 1 loop, fan, skip 1 loop) * 17 Once, 1 sc. a loop, a turn. 16 row: 4 in, ssn into the same loop, (sbn into the top of the fan of the previous row (average ssn), fan in the previous row) * 16 times, sb to the top of the fan, ssn in the previous series, Bn, Ssn in the same loop, B, turn. 17 series: (sb to the top of the fan, fan to the previous row) * 17 times, in the top of the fan of the previous row. 18 - 32 row: repeat rows 15 and 16 Now we will join the skirt:

33 row: put the right side of the skirt on the left and connect the fans according to Drawing and knitting further on the pattern

34 - 56 series: we knit on the pattern, we fix the thread, we do not cut it. 57 - 59 series: we attach the pink thread and knit sbn in circular rows. AT one of these series must be made 1 reduction. Next, we knit a frill according to this pattern:

60 - 63 row: 3 in, ssn in the same loop, in, 2 ssn in the same loop, skip 2 loops, (arch, skip 2 loops) * 31 times, ss in 3rd elevation, ss in sl. loop, knit in circular rows according to the scheme 64 row: we knit in each arch of the previous row of 6 cn 65 row: strapping, knit with pink color: (1 cc + 1 in) in each loop of the previous series. We bind the neck: 14 sb, a decrease, 3 scales, a decrease, 20 sb, a decrease, 3 sb, decrease, 14 cbn with a pink thread. Sew the buttons.

This will look like a pattern.

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