Crochet Shawl Free Pattern

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Unbrokenly draped shawl, elegantly trapezium stole, a light 
Poncho or flying pair-our versatile model will be useful for you 
All year round. The unique pattern forms an original beautiful fringe, 
And thanks to the soft catamaran > Ke the canvas is very plastic. 
Dimensions: Approx. 100 x 90 cm 
You will need: Catamaran > Ka ((770 cotton, 470/0 poly- 
Creep, 6% Poaismido; 165 m [5o g)-zoo g Burgundy; 
Hook 4 
Main pattern: Knit Soga. Pattern Knitting Patterns 
Crochet. To do this, nschot at arrow A, run 
Chain of 7 V.P. and 1 Conn. Art. Back to 5-th VL from 
Hook. Prodogokit work consent. Arrows. Ful 
Thread 1 Roses 1-7-th series, then constantly repeating 
4-7 series, with the extension of the pattern on the right- 
Mu Edge robots continue to go sinologii. yet but 
The Zheloemija width will be reached. 
Density of Knitting: Rapport x r. = 6x 10 cm. 
Execution of Roboљg. Run a chain of 7 VP and 
Knit the main pattern of SOGD. How to. Through 
58 Rows from Chochblnogo Series F work are found 
With 15 circular motifs) again reduce the width in the 
ZERKOLNSM display SOGD. Scheme, NSCHINSJA with 
8th Row, Finish 8 – 13 rows. Through 100 cm = 
114 cm from the Nocholnogo series to finish the job. 

Pattern here :

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