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Thin spacious tunic with vertical structural patterns and a combination of a free silhouette and a noble shade of yarn.


S / M (M / L) L / XL
Yarn (53% cotton, 33% viscose, 14% flax; 50 g / 110 m) - 15 (16) 17 skeins gray-beige; Spokes number 3.5; circular needles No. 3.5, 60 and 80 cm long; circular needles No. 3 with a length of 40 cm; hook number 2.

Alternately 2 persons., 2 izn.

Knit according to the scheme.

Front and back rows - front loops. 

30 p. X 32 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected with the main pattern on the needles No. 3.5.

The density of knitting must match the given! Therefore, before starting work, you should tie a pattern sample: dial 46 points and knit 14 cm with the main pattern. Then count the loops in the middle section of the fabricated sample with a length of 10 cm: if there are more than 30 loops in this segment, change the spokes to thicker ones, if less - to thinner ones. The main thing is that the density of your knitting corresponds to a given density in width. 

If the instruction contains only one number, then it applies to all sizes.

On the needles №3,5 dial 151 (165) 179 p. And knit the 1st of. row as follows: 3 persons. (in all rows for hemming of the lateral incision), by 145 (159) 173 p. knit with a structural pattern according to the scheme, 3 persons. (in all rows for hemming of the side cut). 

Continue to knit the structural pattern and garter stitch on the first and last 3 paragraphs, until the back length is approximately 16 cm.  

Then, at the beginning of the next two rows, close by 2 points and continue the work of the structural pattern on 147 (161) 175 paragraphs with edging loops around the edges (knit edge loops in all rows). 

When the length of the backrest is 42 cm, close the loop for armholes: on both sides (at the beginning of each row) close 6, 4, 3, 2 p. And for a yoke re-shoot the remaining loops into circular needles No. 3.5.

Knit as back.

On the needles №3,5 dial 83 (97) 111 p. And knit the 1st of. row as follows: 1 person. (= edge loop), further to 81 (95) 109 p. knit with a structural pattern according to the scheme, 1 person. (= edge loop). 

Continue the work of the structural pattern until the length of the part is 6 cm, finish with the front row = the end of the sleeve lapel. 

In the next row = front side of the sleeve, continue the pattern so that on the front side of the sleeve the stitches are knitted in the same way as on the front side of the lapel. 

After 6 cm (length from the edge of the cuff of 12 cm) add 1 p. On both sides (after / before the hem loop), these additions should be repeated in every 6th p. Until 119 (133) 147 p. 

When the sleeve length is approximately 42 (43) 44 cm + 6 cm for a lapel, close the hinges in the same way as described for the armhole on the back, reshoot the remaining hinges on the circular needles No. 3.5.

Place the loops of all parts on circular needles No. 3.5 so that the beginning of the circular row is between the right sleeve and the back. 

Knit in a circle the main pattern 1 p. and in the next row, perform ragland decrements: at the beginning of the row, knit the first loop of the back and the last loop of the sleeve together with the front one, 3 s. 6 p. Back, 2 p. Knit together the front, 3 p. Of the main pattern, 1 p. together the front, 3 p. of the main pattern, 1 p. remove, as the front, cl blowing loop knit the front and removed through the loop stretch knit, knit until the last 6 n. forehand, 2 p. knit together the front and 3 n. basic pattern. 1 pt stay as front,

Regular reductions are repeated in every 2nd p. so that 5 p. of the pattern (1 p., 3 p. of the pearl pattern, 1 p.) form straight tracks. 

After completing 23 (25) 27 p. with raglan reductions, tie 1 p. without a decrease and in the next row, close the front neckline (continuing to perform raglan reductions) averages 21 points and continue work in rows in the forward and reverse directions. 

At the beginning of each row close 4 times 4 loops. 

Go to the circular needles number 3 and knit in a circle 1 p. face, while 
correcting the number of loops = on the needles 144 (152) 160 p.  

Then knit 1 p. back and 1 p. face, perform 3 cm elastic (= alternately 2 faces., 2 out.) and close the loop.

Stitch parts from the front side with a mattress and knit seam = mattress seam - the longitudinal edges of the parts (= 1 p. X 1 p.), Knitted seam - the edges with closed loops. 

Run side seams and sleeve seams. 

Sleeves on the lower sections sew in the armhole. 

Turn the side cuts of the side cuts to the seamy side and sew with small stitches (use a split thread of yarn).

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