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Sizes (Russian): 40/42 (44/46) 
You will need: 1050 (1150) g ​​of white yarn (color 6525) Schachenmayr select Violena (50% cotton, 50% modal, 95 m / 50 g); Knitting needles number 5-5,5; circular needles number 5-5,5; 1 button in the form of a square. 

Knitting technique. 
Gum: alternately knit 2 persons., 2 out. 
Wrong surface: persons. R. - ex. n., izn. R. - persons. n. 

Braids A, B and C: knit according to schemes in which only persons are shown. r., in izn. R. knit loops on the pattern. For Spit A and Spit C repeat from 1st to 24th p., For Spit B repeat from 1st to 30th p. 

Pattern "bee honeycomb": the number of loops is a multiple of 3. On the needles at the end of the 1st p. 1 p. less, this loop is added again in the 3rd p. Stripes on the dress = 15 p. Or 14 p. Wide.
1st p .: * remove 1 p. knitting needle at work, 2 p. together persons., then 1 p. with additional knit needles knit., nakid, repeat from *, remove 1 p. knitting needle at work, 2 p. together persons., 1 p. with additional Knitting needles knit. = 14 p. 
2 p.: All the loops and nakida knit izn. 
3rd b.: 1 person., * Nakid, remove 2 n. knitting needle before work, 1 person., then remove the first loop from the auxiliary Knitting needles as faces., the second loop to knit faces. and stretch it through the removed loop, repeat from *, nakid, 1 persons. = 15 p. 
4th b.: All the loops and nakida knit izn. Repeat from 1st to 4th p. 

Knitting density 
Wrong surface: 19 p. And 28 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 
Spit A or Spit C: 9 s. = 3 cm in width; 
Spit B: 19 p. = 6 cm in width;
Pattern "bee honeycomb": 15 p. Or 14 p. = 6 cm in width. 


Back: dial 183 (193) n. And knit the 1st w. R. izn., then continue as follows: krom., 19 (22) n. izn. stitch, 9 p. braid A, 19 (20) p. izn. satin stitch, 15 p. pattern “honeycomb”, 19 (20) n. stitch, 19 p. braid B, 19 (20) p. izn. satin stitch, 15 p. pattern “honeycomb”, 19 (20) n. stitch, 9 p. braid C, 19 (22) p. izn. stitch, chrome. For a frill to subtract in the 10th p. 10 points as follows: 2 points together izn. before and after every detail of the pattern. Repeat these reductions in every 10th p. 6 times. Simultaneously knit 2 p. Together izn. on both sides next to chrome. in every 20th p. 3 times = 107 (117) n. After all decreases. After 63 cm, subtract 1 x 1 p. From both sides, then in each 10th p. 2 x 1 p. And in every 6th p. 3 x 1 p. = 95 (105) p. Then add on both sides in each 12th p. 4 x 1 p. (In each 8th p. 6 x 1 p.) = 103 (117) p. After 99 (97) cm for armholes, close on both sides 1 x 3 points, then in each 2nd p. 2 (4) x 1 p. = 93 (103) p. After 115 cm, close for shoulder bevels 1 x 7 p., Then in each 2nd p. 2 x 6 (8) p. = 55 (57) p. In the last izn. R. Double the center loop, then remove the 56 (58) section on the aux. knitting needle. Overall height = 117 cm.

Before: knit like a back, but do not double the central loop in the last wear. p., remove the remaining 55 (57) n. knitting needle. 

Assembly: perform shoulder seams. Dial 76 (82) points along each edge of the armhole and tie 2 cm with an elastic band, then close the loop. Run side seams. Dial on the circular needles and knit on the pattern of the loop with an aux. knitting needles, knit straight and reverse rows, making a cut on the back. At the same time knit on 3 p. Together persons. on each shoulder seam = 107 (111) p. Continue to knit according to the pattern and at a collar height of 8 cm, after the 19th p. Spit B, close all loops. Sew a button to the top edge of the collar cut and fasten it through a knitted fabric

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