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Openwork tunis from breathable yarn - a great option for summer! It can be worn with tops or shirts. 

36/38 (42/44) 48/50  

Yarn (70% polyester, 30% viscose; 200 m / 50 g) - 150 (200) 250 g white; Knitting needles number 5; short circular needles No. 5. 

Knit a loosely openwork pattern with downturned hinges. 

The number of loops is a multiple of 2 + 4. 

First order: brief, 1 front, * 2 n. Knit together the front, 1 naid *, end 1 front and close. 

2nd order: short, gut hinges, edging. 

3rd order: impregnated, 1 front, * 1 front, 1 nakid *, end 1 front and edge. 

4th row: edge, back lash, while nakida reset, vorochnoj. 

5th row: edge, 1 front, * 1, 3, 2 bind. Tilt left (= 1 p., Remove as facial, 1 front, then pull it out through the loop) *, finish 1 with front and edge. 

6th row: edging, backing, edging. 

7th row: knit, like the 3rd order. 

8th row: knit, like the 4th row. 

B wide repeat from * to *. 

Repeat 1-8 in height. 

In this model, the front side of the pattern is the front side of the product. 

11 p. X 17 p. = 10 x 10 cm.  

Follow up to ensure that the knitness of your knit matches the given one (if necessary, change the number of the needles).


On spokes № 5 dial 58 (66) 74 p. 1 and vyazat facial number. Continue with the main view. 

After 59 (61) 63 cm from the dial, close for shoulder skins from either side on 2 (3) 4 points and in each next 2 nd row close both sides 2 more points and 3 times on 3 sides (6 times for 3 points) 3 times for 3 points and 3 times for 4 points.  

Through 67 (69) 71 cm from the complete set, close the remaining 24 points for the throat  

Start as back, but for a larger depth mouth after 59 (61) 63 cm from the current row, close the middle 10 points and close both sides together. 

In order to round the floor in each of the next 2 nd row, cover another 7 times from 1 for each side from the inside edge. 

Simultaneously, after 59 (61) 63 cm, perform shoulder skis, as on the backrest. 

Overall length = 67 (69) 71 cm. 

Detali nakolot on the pattern, and yvlazhnit ostavit do vycyhaniya. 

Run shoulder seams (mattress suture). 

From the suture, measure from both sides for a length of 20 (22) 24 cm and attach the gauges. 

To cut in the side seams, leave the lower 20 cm open. From this place and to the markers, perform side seams (mattress seam). 

For the neck of the needles No. 5, uniformly dial around the edge of the neck 70 p. And 1 round a row of knit purl. Then the loop closes loosely. 

For the 5th side prints on the needles, dial 50 (55) 60 paragraphs along the edges of the section of the armored area and 1 in a circle row to knit with purlles. Then loop the hinges loosely. Go

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