Crochet Perforated Dress Free Pattern

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For the neck strap, on circular spokes, dial the edge of the 
About 98 loops and knit 7 circular rows with a viscous- 
Start with a series of purl loops. Then All Loops 
Run Belt: Dlњjetogovjazat nar Chulochnyhdpicah Cord: 
For each cord, dial the loop • Work is not 
To rotate, the hinges simply shift to the end of the spokes and 
Loop Knit facial of this 1st loop firmly 
Pull, from • repeating. At that, from Time to time, 
The finished part of the cord is periodically stretched in Length, 
To keep the hinges evenly spaced. 
After 120 cm The Length of the cord thread to trim and pull the loops. 
For every end of the cord sew 1 bead. Other 
Beads to sew unevenly, by all Length, having them 
(See the photo) 

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