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38-42; scarf: 120 x 25 centimeters

You will need

Alta Moda Superbaby Fine Degradé yarn (63% of natural merino wool, 27% of wool of alpaca, 10% of polyamide, 105 m / 25 g) - 375 g of bluish-gray sectional dyeing; 
Bombolo yarn (40% polyacryl, 30% mohair Super Kid, 20% natural merino wool, 10% polyamide, 65 m / 50 g) - 200 g of sulfur; hook number 4,5 and 5; needles number 4.

Patterns and patterns


Pattern from cubes

The number of loops of the initial row is a multiple of 6 + 1. 
Knit according to. crochet pattern. Start with the loops before the rapport, repeat constantly repeat, end with the loops after the rapport. 

To perform 1 time 1-7-th series, constantly repeat 2-7-th series, finish the third row of the pattern.

Structural pattern

Art. with 2 / n in the circular rows. Each circular series begin with 4 initial cp. instead of the 1st st. with 2 / н and finish 1 соед. Art. to the last initial point.


Alternately 2 facial, 2 purl.

Density of knitting

20.5 p. Of the starting row x 9 circle. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by a pattern of cubes with Alta Moda 
Superbaby Fine Degradé; 
9 p. X 3.5 r. = 10 x 10 cm, is connected by a structural pattern with the Bombolo thread.


We recommend to make a pattern in the original size, apply to it the work and control the increase of the loops.


Completing of the work



The blue thread of the crochet №4,5 makes a chain of 97 cp. + 1 cp lifting and knit a pattern of cubes. 

After 6.5 cm = 6 rows from the initial row, add 1 reinforcing sleeve on each side on each side (= add 1 st. B / n and in the next row make 5 st./3n in this loop). Then in each 3rd row add 3 x 1 rapport, 6 x 1/2 rapport and 3 x 1 rapport. 

Continue the work in a straight line and after 63.5 cm = 57 rows from the initial row finish the job.



Knit like a back.


Carry out the shoulder seams / seams of the sleeves on both sides for a length of 40 cm, average 26 cm left open for the neck. 

For the lower laths, dial along the front row and the backrest for 124 loops and between the edge band knit with an elastic band, while in the first purl series begin and end with 2 purl. With a width of 6 cm, you can freely close all the loops according to the drawing. 

For the sleeves, sew on the edge of each sleeve of 58 loops and between the edge band knit elastic. With a width of 18 cm, close the hinges according to the drawing. 

Execute side seams, with the exception of the lower strips, and the lower seams of the sleeves, including the sleeves. 

Scarf Loop
Thread Bombolo crochet №5 to execute a chain of 108 cp. and close it in the ring with the help of 1 connection. Art. Continue to work with a structural pattern. After 25 cm from the initial row finish the work. 

Source : Photo: magazine "Little Diana" №11 / 2015

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