Crochet Tiny Blouse Free Pattern

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Her comments on the blouse:
To-in a set of loops above it is specified, on sleeves on one fan, as well as in the original, accessed and a back on 5 fans, knitting on a scheme of a raglan, but in a Reglanaya line I have knitted on 2 columns and between them 1 air,, knitting trying on itself, a yoke made 15 rows , in a place of connection of sleeves Sarkoy transition on circular knitting accessed-back has inserted one more fan, all time has knitted in fans on 10 columns, and on a waist on 8 columns (4 rows), further on 10. The pattern itself was not given, but then I raskusil it, a series where simple poles knit on the front side, and the next, with relief, I knitted on the underside, turned knitting (I do not know exactly how this process.) and on the front was a scar, that's how it is.

You need 45 and not 44 on the accessed and back, did not take into account the loop lifting, sorry for the doodle.

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  1. Posted by tanjabr, at

    Hello Bertie, I found a pullover you posted on Pintrest, I can't find it here. Is there a way I can see all of your patterns? it's from frb. 19th this year. Hope you can help me? love, Tanja