Knitting Turtleneck Tunic Free Pattern

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The universal model of this turtleneck will suit any wife. Will look great on any figure. For a larger size, make your calculation of loops by linking a control pattern.

Material : 200 g of Grey yarn, 100 g Black, dark blue 50 g of Sand yarn Color (100% wool) Spokes № 4.5 Set of 5 spokes № 4 Needle for Knitwear

For the backrest on the Spokes № 4.5 dial
The grey thread of the 81 loop and knit the rubber
1 × 1, 4 cm from the beginning of knitting
Go to the semi-patent gum.

Semi-Patent elastic band

1st row-1 Crown Loop, * 1 Face-
Loop, 1 wrong loop, remove the
Together with the scale *, repeat from * to *
To the end of the series, 1 front hinge, 1
The washing loop.
2nd row-1 Crown loop, * loop
With the scum, bring the front,
1 Wrong loop remove together
With the scale *, repeat from * to *
1 Ridge Loop.
To create a pattern in height
Repeat the 2nd row.

Knit a pattern of strips, changing through
Every 12 cm color of yarn in the following
Sequence: Gray,
Dark blue, black, sand,
Gray, dark blue and black thread.
After 64 cm from the beginning of knitting
Add for sleeves from both
Sides of the 17 loops and continue
Knitting the main pattern at all
At an altitude of 84 cm from the beginning of knitting
All loops close in one row.

Before you knit the same as the backrest,
But with a cut of neck, for what
Through 78 cm from the beginning of knitting
Close the middle 20 loops and Breakfas
You have to finish the half separately.
For rounding the neck cut
The inner edge of the Breakfas
House 2nd row 1 times 3 loops, 1 times
2 loops and 3 times on one loop.
At a total height of 84 cm, close
Remaining shoulder loops.

The details of the Sarafan are moistened and
On the surface, let the
Dry. Perform shoulder
and side seams. On the edge of the neck
Dial the Spokes № 4 loops and
Limit them to 4 spokes. Crochet
Collar-Clamp Rubber Band 1 × 1.
20 – 22 cm from the beginning of knitting
Close all loops in the same row.

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