Summer Crochet Tunic Free Pattern

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Tunic for a beach holiday
Dimensions: 36; 38/40; 42/44.
We will need:

Yarn, cotton content not less than 45%, (25g to 120 m) – 150; 175; 200g;
Jv. No.3, 5;
Hook No.3.
Patterns and Techniques:

Elastic band 1l. Х1izn.;
Azhur-See Scheme:
Ubavki (U): On the right edge: 1 kr., 2p. In 1l.; Left side: 2p. In 1l. With a slope to the left (1 L. Remove the front, 1l., removed stretch through the Projazemem), 1 kr.

Density: On the openwork 28p. by 30r are equal to 10SMХ10SM.

The Beach tunic is connected by spokes very elastic, like a grid, a pattern. Therefore, the Merks were filmed from the model, spread out on the table.

We Dial the spokes 131; 147; 163p. and knitting 1r Purl. Then-3r Rubber bands for the strap. Go to the openwork pattern, distributing the loops: 1kr., 8p. Before Raport (P), P repeat 7; 8; 9 times, 9p. After P, 1KR.
For bevel on the sides after 16r From a lath do U, then in each 16th p. Repeat At another 7r by 1p. Remains 115; 131; 147p.
Through 154; 150; 146r (51,5; 50; 48, 5cm) we close the openwork on both sides on the armholes 1r. by 5p., then in each 2nd P. another 1 R. By 4p., 1r by 3p., 1r by 2p., 1r by 1p. Left 85; 101; 117p.

Through 38; 42; 46r (12.5; 14; 15, 5 cm) from the bottom for Neck Central 21; 25; 29p. The Right part is temporarily postponed, working with the left. For Smooth rounding on the inner edge of the prev. In even P. 1 R. 6p., 2r by 5 p., 1 R By 4p. In work 12; 18; 24p. After 10r (3.5 cm) from the beginning of the neck. Remaining N.
The Right side is finished with a mirror.

We Use diagrams and description for the backrest. For The front we do a deeper roll. Through 24; 28; 32r (8; 9.5; 11cm) from the bottom of the walk. Central 11; 15, 19 p. And each half is brought separately. For rounding out the cut. In even P. 1 R. by 5p., 3r by 3p., 4r by 2p., 3r by 1p. Remains 12; 18; 24p. After 10r (3.5 cm) from the beginning of the opening of the prev. Remaining N.
The Second side is finished with the spokes mirrored.

Beach Tunic, assembly
Stitch. The Edges of the armhole and the neck are tied with a "Raich" step (the column without a scale to knit from left to right). The Beach-laced tunic is ready!

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