Chic Bolero Free Pattern

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Width of the product on the grasp of the breast: 132 (144) CM: Length of the product: 47 (49) cm. 
The different data for the larger size are in parentheses and, respectively, behind the brackets. 

YOU WILL need: Yarn (36% Merino wool Extrafayn, 27% silk, 19% wool baby Camel, 18% mohair superkid: 180 m/25 g)-100 (150) G anthracite; Spokes № 3.5 and 4.5. 

Pattern 1 (elastic band, Spokes № 3.5): Alternately 1 facial, 1 purl. 

Pattern 2 (purl surface, spokes № 4.5): Facial Rows-purls loops, purls rows-facial loops. 

Underlined Ubcaps: From the right edge = Kromosky, 2 purls, 2 p. Projazat together reverse. From the left edge = 2 p. projazit together reverse, 2 purls, Kromosky.

The Density of Knitting: pattern 1 (Spokes № 3.5)-26 p. x 34 P. = 10 x 10 cm; Pattern 2 (Spokes № 4.5)-18 p. x 30 p. = 10x10 cm. 

On the Spokes № 4.5 dial 118 (128) p. and knit 2 rows of pattern 1. Then continue to work with pattern 2. After 20 cm from the initial row (measure in vertical position) on both sides to mark the height. For Shoulder Bevel through 15 (17) cm from the marks on both sides in each 2nd row without steps to close alternately 5 x (1 x 2 p. + 2 x 3 p.). For the size to close on both sides in each 2nd row another 2 x 2 p. One temporary for the neck through 43 (46) cm from the initial row close the average 34 (36) p. and through 2 rows on both sides of closed loops close another 1 x 2 p. 

Knit like a backrest. For the neck through 29 (31) cm from the initial row to form the cut 2 middle loops to cross to the right (= 1 p. Leave on the auxiliary spoke at work, the next loop to touch the reverse, then loop with the auxiliary spokes Projazat reverse) . In the next vixen a number of work to divide the middle and both sides to reach the end separately. For bevel of the neck in each 2nd row It is emphasized to reduce the 19 (20) x 1 p. Shoulder Bevel to perform at the same height and the same as on the backrest. 

On the spokes № 3.5 to dial for each sleeve 48 (58) p. and knit pattern 1. For Skosov on both sides in each 4th row add 16 x 1 P. = 80 (90) p. Added loops include in the pattern. After 24 cm from the initial row all loops are free to close. 

Perform stitches. Sew the Sleeves between the marks located on the front and back.

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