Crochet Skirt Women

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yarn "Beloved" beige (100% linen, 340 m. / 100 g.) - 500 g., hook No. 1.9, wide elastic band for belt -75 cm.
Knitting density:
26 p. X 10.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm.
Description of work:
execute a chain of 208 HPs, close in a ring. Knit in a circle: 4 with 1 N., while at the beginning of each row do 3 cp. for lifting, to close each series of connecting st. Then knit 3 r. Art. b / n, then * 1 p. Art. with 1 n, 1 p. out. item, rep. from * 1 more time. Next (= 12th р.), Continue the work according to the scheme, knit the beginning of the series (= after the number) to the arrow, repeat the rapport between the arrows 15 times, finish the series according to the scheme (= before the figure). The scheme shows 18 rows, 1 rd. and the 2 nd р. repeat 5 times, 5 rd. and the 6th р. repeat 5 times, 9th р. and the 10th р. repeat 11 times, 15th r. and the 16th р. repeat 10 times, knit the remaining rows one time (= 72 p.). The top edge of the skirt (= belt) is to twist, sew on the wrong side, insert the elastic band.

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