Knitting Women Vest

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Size 36-40

You'll need
Yarn (54% natural wool, 26% moher, 20% polyacryl; 210 m/50 g) - 150 g gray-brown, 100 g chestnut and cv. curry, as well as 50 g pink; circular spokes No.6; Hook number 5.

Patterns and diagrams

Due to the large number of loops, we recommend knitting in circular spokes in straight and reverse directions.

The number of loops is multiples of 4 to 2 crox. Facial rows: shredded, 1 facial, 2 from the night, 1 facial, from the q constantly repeating, finish 1 shredded. The patterns: loops to tie the pattern. See the differences. In the instructions.

Facial surface
Facial rows - facial loops, work rows - from the night loops.

Jacquard pattern
Knit. Counting the pattern of threads from different tangles of the facial surface in the technique of intarsia, while for the plot of each color to use a separate tangle and when changing the color to cross the threads on the wrong side to avoid the formation of holes.
The diagram is given face rows, for the back without edge and for the left shelf, including edge on the inner edge (the side of the shelf). In the out-of-the-night row, the loops are tied according to the colors of the threads in the front row.

For the left shelf to start with one shredd, then perform 1 time the threads brought up the side of the shelf (the red line); The last loop is shredded.

For the right shelf to perform the counting scheme in the mirror image, i.e. start with loops from the side of the shelf, while the 1st p. forms a shredd, then perform 1 time the loops from left to right, finish 1 piece.

Knit back from top to bottom. To do this, start with one shredd, then 1 time to perform the given loops, including the middle loop, then for the 2nd half knit in a mirrorimage without a middle loop, for this diagram read from left to right, finish 1 shredd.

Knit density
13 p. x 21 p. 10 x 10 cm.

Jacket, including sleeves, knit a single canvas without shoulder seams, while starting with shelves.


Pocket lining (2 parts)
Grey-brown thread dial on spokes 19 p. and knit the face surface.

After 5.5 cm, 12 rows from the initial row to put aside all loops.

Starting from the left shelf, a gray-brown thread dial on the spokes 31 p. and for the strap to tie 10 cm with a rubber band as follows: shredded, 1 face, 2 from the night, 1 face, from the q constantly repeat, finish 1 facial, shredded.

Continue the work with a jacquard pattern.

Simultaneously from the bar to perform raises for the side slant and the left sleeve on the right edge of the soggle. Schema.

At the same time close the neck on the left edge in each 14th row 6 x 1 tbsp. Schema. At the same time, after 5.5 cm and 12 rows from the bar close to enter the pocket 9-27 p. from the beginning of the row and in the next out-of-the-piece to include the deferred loops of the pocket lining. After the last increase and the increase, respectively, the spokes will be 70 p.

After 45.5 cm and 96 rows from the bar (the shoulder line is reached here) to set aside all the loops. Then perform the right shelf in a mirror image.

For the back, set aside for 70 p. both shelves to connect with the help of an intermediate set of 23 p. and at all 163 p. to continue the work of a jacquard pattern, with the counting scheme read from top to bottom and on both sides to perform alms for the end of the sleeve and side slant.

After 45.5 cm, 96 rows from the shoulder line on the spokes will be 73 p.

Then for the bar to continue the work of gray-brown thread rubber, while in the 1st row to add 1 p. to 74 p. At the width of the bar 10 cm close all the loops on the picture.

Closed edges of the entrances to pockets to tie the chestnut thread 1 next to art. B/d. Linings pockets sew from the inside.

For the bar of gray-brown thread to dial on the spokes on the sides of the shelves and the edge of the neck of the back 156 p. and knit with a rubber band, while starting with one of the out-of-the-box rows to distribute the loops as follows: shredded, alternately 2 from the back, 2 face, finish 2 from the inside, edge. At a bar width of 10 cm, close all the loops in the picture.

For the straps of sleeves gray-brown thread dial on the spokes on the straight edges of the sleeves on 38 p. and knit with a rubber band. At 6 cm wide, close all the loops in the picture.

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