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cotton yarn:
Bodily: approx. 25gr
Dark pink: approx. 25 grill
hats and coats
Light pink: approx.25 grams
Brown: approx. 25gard hair
Hooks 2,5,5,0,0mm
Safe eyes 5 / 6mm
Nibble-tightening eyebrows
Lace-up lace, flowers,
buttons, beads, etc. for
Stalkbibniznakida = sbn
Connecting line = ss
Semistolbacteriumacetamide = psn
Stolbiksnakidom = ssn
Air loop = in
ZP = Back Zip
PP = front row loop
Pico = 3in, 1psinvrkrayynyuvp,
skip the guide, 1ss,
(repeat the beginning)
Fuchspotolbik = 1ss (leave the loop for the hook,
before the end of the line), 1снвтужепетпетлю (also leaving 2
petlinna), repeat 4 times, uvasbudet6petelnaku,
to stretch out through the loops (big fingers)
Rachinar = sbn, tied to the crown after the right, anesprav
Sapogijnogi (2 pieces)
hook2,5и3,0 (start brown in another or another color
1P: hooks; 3; 7in, start a 2-ydpot hook, 5bn, 3sbvv
last, continue the other side of the chain: 4sbn,
The last one in (15)
2P: 5bn, 3pr, 4cb, 3pr (21)
3P: 7cbn, 3pr, 8cbn, 3pr (27)
4P: ptsntolkozaZP (27)
5-6P: 27sbn (at the order of the order)
7Р: 5сбн, 6уб, 10сбн (21)
8P: 4cb, 4ub, 9cbn (17)
9-10Р: 17 сбн (по17каждомряду)
11P: fix the mark on the following basis of the LR,
ППв one-and-a-half-pound basis + 1vp,
of the patient, conclude. Create a fix. Insert. (17)
Continue the movement of the hook;
Connect toZP11-burning
1-10Р: 17 сбн (по17каждомряду)
Fasten, thread cut.
Counting the loop back, you will get a loop that will
Finish the 2-megas the last loop.
The head and the head
Continue a second day, joining the first legs
look in the next room:
1Р: 2вп, сбнвот the marked 4-th loop on первевойноге, 16сбн, 3вп,
(37) First of all,
2P: change the color to white or cream;
the following 2-uhvp, 17sbn, 6sbnvvpopostozhnye3vp, 17sbn (42)
3P: 42sbn (42)
4P: (6sbn, pr) x6 (48)
5P: (7cbn, pr) x6 (54)
6-9Р: 54 сбн (по54вокждомю)
10Р: (7сбн, уб) х6 (48)
11P: change the color to light pink or any other selection,
48 сбн (48)
12P: 48soltolkoZZP (48)
13P: (6sbn, yb) x6 (42)
14R: 42bn. To be beaten. (42)

1 Now the hook is only a P112-burn: 48- pink or any other color 2 2sskvkazhdyjdy (96) 3 2ss, ssnpr, finish the test (128) Tie the edge of the Pico. Next, link the body ... 15P: (5сбн, уб) х6 (36) 16P: 36bn (36) 17P: (4сбн, уб) х6 (30) 18-23Р: 30 сбн (по30вокждомряд) 24P: (3сбн, уб) х6 (24) 25Р: 24 сбн (24) 26Р: (2сбн, уб) х6. To beat (18) 27Р: 18сбн (18) 28Р: 18 сбссменацвета (flesh-colored) (18) 29P: (1сбн, уб) х6 (12) 30-31Р: 12сбн (по12castingbless) 32P: (2sbn, pr) 4x (16) 33P: (1cbn, pr) x8 (24) 34P: (2cbn, pr) x8 (32) 35P: (3sbn, pr) x8 (40) 36P: (4sbn, pr) x8 (48) 37P: (5cbn, pr) x8 (56) 38-47Р: 56сбн (по56вокждомнику) Insert the secure one by one 42 and 43

48 Р: (5 сбн, уб) х8 (48) 49 Р: (4 сбн, уб) х8 (40) 50Р: (3сбн, уб) х8.Набить (32) 51P: (2cbn, yb) x8 (24) 52P: (1сбн, уб) х8 (16) Fill tightly 53P: 8ub (8) 54Р: 3уб (2)

Hands (2 pieces) hooks2.5, body color 1P: 6 fold-2-yupotk shlichkai Liv ring the igurumi (6) 2P: 6pr (12) 3P: (1cbn, pr) x6 (18) 4-5Р: 18 сбн (18 of each order) 6P: Fuzzy, the ub, (1 сбн, уб) х5 (12) 7P: 12cb (12) 8-12Р: change of the color (light- pink) 12sbn (on the order of the order) Fill 13P: (2cbn, yb) x3 (9) 14-20R: 9sbn (for each row) 21P: (1сбн, уб) х4, finishssss.Write the needle 6: Hair hooks 2,5, brownish or other 1P: 6sbvvo2-yupotkryuchkaylivolozyamiami gurumi (6) 2P: 6pr (12) 3P: (1cbn, pr) x6 (18) 4P: (2pcc, pssnp) x6 (24) 5P: (3pcc, pssnp) x6 (30) 6P: turn, (4pcc, pssnp) x6 (36) 7Р: turn, (5пссн, псснпр) х6 (42) Next, connect the lenses (40pvpervoyuyu pendle, 40sbnnazad) repeat 42raza (see photo)

Hat hooks 2,5, dark pink, or any other color, 1P: 6sbvvo2-yupotkryuchkaylivolozyamiami gurumi (6) 2P: 6pr (12) 3P: (1cbn, pr) x6 (18) 4P: (2cbn, pr) x6 (24) 5P: (3sbn, pr) x6 (30) 6P: (4sbn, pr) x6 (36) 7P: (5sbn, pr) x6 (42) 8P: 42bnotlokolozaZP (42) 9-11R: 42sbn (for each order) 12P: (6sbn, pr) x6 (48) 13Р: 48сбнтолькоЗПП (48) 14P: (7cbn, pr) x6 (54) 15P: (8cbn, pr) x6 (60) 16P: (9sbn, pr) x6 (66) 17P: (10cb, pr) x6 (72) 18-19Р: hooks; 3; 72 сбн (по72вкаждомю) 20P: Rachichar, hook2.5 (72) Finish Prishytelob chelyemnogokr nasavavnuzhnyu nayubke, decorate the hat flowers, a bow, etc., apply a brush on the face. pink cherry and embroidery.

Written by Adriëne Verstraten
Source : https://m.vk.com/club135034347

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