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How to mount the head and legs on the buttons of these toys. While I will describe the drawings. For the head, without having finished the head until the end, there remains a hole, we fill it, we insert a button with a thick thread or fishing line, so that the ends of the thread stick out. We tie the head, making all the reductions, the thread remains outside (always at one point), and the button inside. We begin to knit the body (several rows), take the second button, stretch the thread from the head through one starting point of the body and draw the holes in the button. We strongly tie, tie several times and continue to knit the body to the end.

For paws almost as well. In the non-knotted foot (the last lows are left to close the top) from the side, we stretch the thread from the button to the outside, through the body to the other foot. We pull the thread into the second paw, through a button, we fasten it. On the legs to repeat.
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