Amigurumi Stressful Cats Free Pattern

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The famous world brand "British scientists" proved that domestic cats and cats are excellent absorbers of negative energy. The brave innovator from Moscow region offers a simple invention, which is not inferior in its absorbing properties to natural analogues...

The ball for the dry pool is based on the circumference of 22 cm. 
Threads Cotton 100% "Jasmine". 


1.4VP lock into the ring; 
3.2st in each loop = 12; 
4.2st in one loop, 1st = 18; 
5.2st in one loop, 2st = 24; 
6.2st in one loop, 3st = 30; 
7.2st in one loop, 4st = 36; 
8.2st in one loop, 5st = 42; 
9.2st in one loop, 6st = 48; 
10.2st in one loop, 7st = 54; 
11-14 R. 54 Art; 
15р-24r. 54 The art of other colors; 
25. From 2st-1.7th = 48; 
26. From 2st-1.6th = 42; 
27. of 2 ST-1.5th = 36; 
28. From 2st-1.4th = 30; 
29. From 2st-1.3rd = 24; 
30. From 2st-1.2nd = 18; 
31. From 2ST-1.1st = 12; 
32 of 2nd-1 = 6. 


1. Engage 7st, leaving the thread for strapping (those tie the thread to the place of the beginning of the ear and leave the long end for further strapping, and the other end knitting); 
2. In 2 stitch art, 3st, last 2nd together = 5st; 
3. In 2 stitch art, 1st, last 2nd together = 3st; 
4. In 2 art. 2st together = 1st. 
To tie a thread which has remained at the basis (if necessary to stretch it under the ear that Obverka was in front) in the top column to make 3stbn. 


1.4VP lock into the ring; 
3.2st in 1 loop = 12; 
4.2st in one loop, 1st = 18; 
5-7 R. 18st; 
13-20 p. 12art. 

Tightly fill the synth and bind to the cat (or sew). Embroider face, glue (sew eyes).

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/petlya_mebiusa/post398646425/

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