White Baby Bunny

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 Recently there was a question when working on two textile babies (I will soon show the result), than they will play. I really wanted to give them a nice toy. It would be logical to connect them, it's close to me, but my foreboding was justified: my yarn is too thick, and a miniature toy does not work. But it turned out a charming baby (7 cm), for which I already cook eared Mamulyu. Despite his small growth, it was very difficult to work with him. In general, I will not bore you with my prehistory (and every toy always has one), I suggest you also have a little eared baby in the house.

You will need
1.       Yarn Lanoso Puf white.
2.       Synthesis.
3.       Eye beads or glass eyes for teddy bears.
4.       Yarn for suing.
5.       Cloth, ribbons and buttons for decoration.
6.       Pastel or acrylic for toning.
1.       Hook No. 3.
2.       A long needle.
3.       Brush.
Bn - air loop
Sbn - a column without a crochet
Ssn - column with crochet
P - an increase (to tie two stakes in one loop without a crochet)
Y - reduction (two bars without a crochet tie together)

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