Little Amigurumi Doll Free Pattern

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VP-Air Loop
X-Column without a scale
(...) * N-Allocated in parentheses to perform n times
[...] -Number of bars in a row

1series 6 VP, in the 2nd loop from the hook 2х, 3x, in the last loop of the 4х, 3x, in the 1st loop 2х [14]
2row V, 5x, 2V, 5x, v [18]
3series x, V, 5x, V, 2x, V, 5x, V, x [22]
4th row x, v. 7x, V, 2x, V, 7x, V, x [26]
5th row x, V, 9x, V, 2x, V, 9x, V, x [30]
6th row x, V, 11x, V, 2x, V, 11x, V, x [34]
7th row x, V, 13x, V, 2x, V, 13x, V, x [38]
8th row x, V, 15x, V, 2x, V, 15x, V, x [42]
9th row x, V, 17x, V, 2x, V, 17x, V, x [46]
10th row x, V, 19x, V, 2x, V, 19x, V, x [50]
11-15 series 50x [50]-5 rows
16th row x, A, 19x, a, 2x, a, 19x, a, x [46]
17th Row x, A, 17x, a, 2x, a, 17x, a, x [42]
18th row x, A, 15x, a, 2x, a, 15x, a, x [38]
19th row x, A, 13x, a, 2x, a, 13x, a, x [34]
20th row x, A, 11x, a, 2x, a, 11x, a, x [30]
21th row x, A, 9x, a, 2x, a, 9x, a, X [26]
22nd Row X, A, 7x, a, 2x, a, 7x, a, x [22]
23th row x, A, 5x, a, 2x, a, 5x, a, x [18]
24th Row x, A, 3x, a, 2x, a, 3x, a, x [14]
25th Row (A, 5x) * 2 [12]

It's going to be a head. 
Fill the head. Just look what it would be made flat, the navel should be slightly flattened.

Now knit torso.
26th row 14x[12] 2x linked to offset the beginning of knitting
27th Row (XV) * 6 [18]
28th Row 18x]
29th Row (2x, V) * 6 [24]
30-35 series 24x [24]-6 rows
36 A number of 3x, to count back 6х, to connect with 7-th connecting column.
Push 12x in a circle, then 2х, a, 2х. Leave a small tip of a thread, bind a hole, a thread fasten and trim.
For the second leg from the first count 6x, attach a thread. We press 6x connect with the first column by a connecting column. We touch the circle 12х, then 2х, a, 2. Leave the tip of the thread 12-15 cm. bind hole.
Fill the torso with the rest of the thread to sew the hole between the legs.

Handles (2 parts)
1th row 5x[5]
2row 5V [10]
3-5 series 15x, Tie finger-lush column (scum, enter the hook into the air hinge of the base and pull the long loop. Then again we do the scum, put the hook in the same loop and again pull the thread, so do 3 times, and 4 times-make a scum, enter the hook in the loop , pull and push all the loops remaining on the hook to get the overall tip) in one column of the previous row, 14x[10]
6row (XA) * 3, X [7]
7-10 series 7x [7]-4 rows
Leave the thread tip, bind the hole, fasten the thread.

Ears (2 parts)
1series 6x
Leave the thread tip for the stitching.

Now you can collect the navel.
Here's my faceless, bye, mulatto-Chocolate.

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