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Necessary materials:
Yarn Linate 100 gr. - 780 m. (White), Etamine 30 g. - 180 m. (Beige and
coffee), Iris Kirovsky 25 gr. - 150 m. (Pink).
Hook 1.2.
Four buttons 6 mm for the jacket.
Two buttons in the form of flowers (or any others for the cape).
Tape for the kapor.
Вп - air loop
ss - connection bar
pcc - half-shell with crochet
sb - column without crochet
ssn - column with crochet
ss2n - column with two crochets
arch - 2 ssn in 1 loop, bp, 2 ssn in the same loop
rssn - relief column with crochet
Decrease - 1 loop is tied together
fan - ssn in the loop, in, ssn in the same loop, in, ssn into the same loop
KA - amigurumi ring
an increase of 2 sb from one loop
We knit in a circle:
1 row: 6 sb in the spacecraft (6)
2 ranks: 6 increases (12)
3 row: (1 sb, increase) * 6 times (18)
4 row: (2 sb, increase) * 6 times (24)
5 yards: (3 rolls, increase) * 6 times (30)
6 row: (4 sb, increase) * 6 times (36)
7 row: (5 sb, increase) * 6 times (42)
we attach the pink thread, we do not cut off the white one.
8 row :: 42 sb for the back. the hinge wall (42)
9 row: make 2 increments uniformly throughout the series (44)
fix the pink thread, cut it off, continue to knit a white thread
10 row: we knit an arch from the loop of the base - 3 steps of lifting, 1 ssn into the loop
bases, 1 in, 2 ssn into the same loop, skip 3 loops of the previous row,
(arch, skip 3 loops) * 10 times
11 - 18 row: we knit according to the scheme of the hem of the dress, i.e. in each arch we knit
19 row: in each arch we knit on 7 ssn. To fix the white thread, cut it off.
20 series: tying with a pink thread: (cc, bn) to the end of the row.
We dial 130 in, we knit sbn in the 2 nd loop from the hook and until the end of the row pink
color. Stretch the resulting strap between the arches of the 8th row,
tighten and form a loop, so that the handbag hangs to the handle.


For the base of the sole we'll take this scheme, only we will knit in a circle, in lifting is done only in the first row. 1 - 3 row: we knit the scheme in coffee color, fix the thread and cut it off. 4 row: attach a white thread to the center of the heel and knit ssn behind the back. wall loops of the previous series (54) 5 row: sb in each loop, at the end of the row make 1 reduction (53) 6 row: 18 сбн, (decrease, сбн) * 5 times, decrease, 18 сбн 7 series: sbn, decrease, 12 cf., (decrease, sb) * 5 times, decrease, 12 cf., decrease, sbn 8 row: 15 sb, 2 reduction, sb, 2 deductions, 15 sbn 9th row: tying with a pink thread: (1 cc, in) to each loop. When knitting shoes, always orientate on the center of the toe - in the center must pass 1 sb, and from him in each side the same number of deductions and sb.

Cap: We knit with coffee color. For a basis we shall take here such scheme

1 row: 6 ssn in the spacecraft (6) 2 ranks: 6 increases (12) 3 row: (1 ssn + 1 pcn from one loop) * 12 times 4 - 10 row: we knit on the picture I got 9 ssn in each wedge, only 12 wedges. 11 series: (8 ссн, 1 ссн + 1 рссн) * 12 times 12 - 14 row: we make a loss after each pcn, tying 2 ssn together. After deductions should remain 12 wedges of 6 cc, taking into account the decrease. Now we knit 9 more wedges with a decrease and get: 9 wedges of 5 ssn and 3 wedge, which we do not bind - this is the occipital part. On the loops of the 9 wedges we knit 7 rows of sb in each loop. Now we form a visor. To do this, we sew 3 scales for both half-loops, further we knit for before. The wall of the loop: 4 psn, 4 ssn, then alternate 2 cc2n from one loop and 1 cc2n, at the end of the row, we also knit 4 cns, 4 cms, 3 sb for both half-loops. Turn and knit: 3 sb, 4 pcns, ssn in each loop, and at the end of the row 4 PSN, 3 sc. We turn and tie the sb into each loop. We bind a visor with a step in step for stiffening, you can insert a fishing line or regilin, I did not insert. The occipital part from the wrong side is tied for smoothing the corners one row, the second row - sbn in each loop. Take the silk ribbon 5 mm, cut 2 pieces about 40 cm, we form three petals, we sew the button in the center and sew it to the hat on edges.

Jacket: The jacket is connected by a paid description of Oksana Lifenko's "Snow Maiden", therefore I will not describe it. There are 18 rows of dresses + sleeves, the neck, the shelves and the bottom are tied round in a circle, in the corners we sew 3 sbn from one loop. Jacket sits tight, on the shelves are sewn 4 buttons and the cross-on-the-cross is tied with a thread.

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