How to tie a vest to a child(video tutorial)

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It seems that the child already has everything you need for a cold winter: a knitted cap, gloves, scarf, and socks, and you are still full of enthusiasm and do not want to stay on the result.

So what else can you do that is useful and useful for your crumbs? Try to tie the waistcoat with knitting needles.

The kid will really like this little thing, and he will wear it with great pleasure. A knitted vest can be put on a shirt, turtleneck or blouse.

If you skillfully combine patterns and colors, even from the simplest model you can get something interesting and unusual.

A waistcoat for a child can be decorated with embroidery, colorful knitted flowers, beads and various applications.

This model of the waistcoat is designed for a child 3-4 years. Older children can tie a vest over this pattern, just different in size.

To get started, you will need: 200 gr. yarn, thread, needle, needle 4.

The vest is made up of 2 parts: front and back. You can make patterns of the right size in advance.

Type 69 spokes on the spokes and tie several rows with 1x1 or 2x2 rubber band. It can be long or short, depending on the style. If it is assumed that this will be a long waistcoat, then the elastic can be made shorter (4-5 cm.) And vice versa.

Then continue knitting with garter stitching about 23-25cm and leave 8 unconnected loops on each side. Direct another 13-15 cm and close the hinges. This will be the back of the vest. 

We proceed to the front. Knitting begins in a similar way: we collect 69 loops, we knit an elastic band of the required length. We continue knitting with garter stitching 23-25cm and leave 8 unconnected loops on each side. They are needed for armholes. Now starts to decrease.

Find the middle loop of the transmission and leave it untouched. Then, on both sides of this loop, gradually loosen 1 loop for 12 rows. At a total height of 35-40 cm, finish the job.

Now all the details are ready, it remains to collect them together. Make one shoulder seam.

It is necessary to perform the edging of the neck: raise the loops on the knitting needles along the edge of the neck (including the not tied middle) and tie several rows with an elastic band 1x1 or 2x2.

And in each row, you need to tie two loops together from the middle loop of the transmission.

After this, perform the second shoulder seam and sew the rim of the neck.

It remains to bind armholes. At the edges of each armhole, lift all the hinges on the knitting needles and tie several rows with a 1x1 or 2x2 rubber band, then close the hinges.

Connect the rest of the edges of the details with threads in a tone of yarn.

Video for beginners

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