Newborn Knitted Socks Pattern

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Size range and yarn selection 

To determine the size of socks for a newborn is very simple, it is enough only to measure the length of the foot crumbs and add one centimeter. This length will allow you to carry the product for several months and will not let the socks fall off the legs. However, if it is not possible to measure the stop, it is possible to orient on the average data:
From birth to three months-length of foot 9.5 cm;
From three months to half a year – foot length 10.5 cm.

Depending on the yarn the socks for newborns can be both warm and not very. Threads should be chosen only natural, preferably not bright colors, so as not to be apprehensive about the quality of dye. 

How to tie socks for newborn needles?

It is possible to make a product in different ways, and to familiarize with one of them we recommend on our Master-class. He talks about how to knit socks for newborn needles, and will be interesting for both beginners and skilled craftsmen.

So, for knitting we will need: yarn (about 50 g), 5 needles for knitting of a stocking and, optionally, a bead and a ribbon for decoration.
Socks for newborns 1 
1.on two spokes it is necessary to dial 32 loops.

Socks for newborns 2 
2. On 4 spokes distribute on 8 loops, forming a square.

Socks for newborns 3 
3. Further it is necessary to pass five rows of a front smooth on a circle of a product behind the front walls. After that it is recommended to make one row of openwork binding: Two loops together the obverse, a scum. So it is necessary to get through to the end of a row, and then the scale is the face of the front wall.

Socks for newborns 4 
4. After that it is necessary to pass seven rows of a smooth, and then to insert a number of openwork binding.

Socks for newborns 5 
5. The following pattern follows: The first row – one obverse, one purl; The second row-one purl, one obverse. Thus it is necessary to pass 9 rows.

Socks for newborns 6 
6. Then proceed to the heel: it is necessary to tie the 9 rows of the front smooth on two spokes with rotary rows. 

Socks for newborns 7 
7. Now loops (16 pieces) divide into three parts so that the lateral parts consisted of 5 loops, and the average of 6. Then knit 4 loops, 2 loops together, thus connecting the lateral and middle parts. After that the remaining 4 loops of the middle part, 2 loops together. Next knitting should rotate and knit only the middle loops. The extreme touch with a loop from the lateral part. So it is necessary to knit as long as there are only 6 loops left.

Socks for newborns 8 
8. After that we collect the cutting loops from a heel and start to knit on a circle five spokes.

Socks for newborns 9 
9. The foot should be the front surface, and the top of the nipple is viscous, which is painted in paragraph 5. There are 15 rows to complete.

Socks for newborns 10 
10. After that it is necessary to move to formation of a soap of a product. For this purpose it is necessary at the end of each spokes to pass on two loops together with a reverse. All other loops knit a face viscous. After 4 loops are left, remove them from the spokes on the thread and bind. To get such socks, as in the photo enough to stretch the contrast tape in the holes with openwork viscous, and on the front of the knife sew beads. 

Socks for Newborns 11 

For beginners knitting socks for newborn needles-this is a great opportunity to learn to knit. In addition, in these products you can always show imagination, linking their colored threads or decorate them with ribbons, lace or beads.


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