Children's blouse

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So .. I knitted NAKO "Luks Minnos" (100gr-336mt) with knitting needles # 3
in the original Baby One '' (100 g - 250 mt) with number 3.5 needles
, I got a blouse for 9-12 months .. in the original, up to 1.5

years old; the first in row 6.

Only persons rows are represented in the diagram. In the wrong rows, knit stitches as they are located.

I have this markup for raglan.

We needles 72 loops.

We knit 6 rows with the pattern "small rice" .. finish out. nearby.

Installation row (face. Side)
- Edge, 4 loops with a pattern of small rice, 1 person, 8 loops of an openwork pattern, make an increase (I make ragged increases from broaches. Turkish women make them with a crochet, and then knit a yarn from the inside loop, it turns out a hole), 2 raglan loops, increase, 8 loops of sleeve, increase, 2 loops of raglan, increase, 20 loops of the back, increase, 2 loops of raglan, increase, 8 loops of sleeve, increase, 2 loops of raglan, increase, 8 loops of openwork pattern, 1 person, 4 loops with the pattern “small rice” (among them we make the first buttonhole for the button), hem a loop.
Out. knit a row as they look loops ..
Then continue knitting, making increments before and after the ragled lines, and on the shelves the added loops are gradually introduced into the pattern ..
When the ragled line reaches the size you need, we separate the loop of the sleeves into pins from the loops of the back and shelves .. We assemble the loops of the back and shelves on one knitting needle, at the same time we get 2 or 4 loops in the undercut of the sleeves, and then we knit the “carcass” with one fabric until the desired length is reached. We finish knitting 10 -12 rows with a pattern of "small rice".
The loops of the sleeves are removed from the pins, we get the loops from the undercuts and we knit the sleeves in a convenient way for you (I have been sewn seamlessly using the "magic loop" method) to the length we need .. while we evenly reduce a number of loops so that the sleeve does not turn out wide in the area of ​​the brush.

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