Multicolored Sarafan

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Age: 5-6 years 
You will need: yarn (50% cotton, 50% viscose, 375 g / 75 g) -to 50 g of blue, green, yellow, orange, pink flowers, 
hook №2. 

Description of work: colors can alternate to your liking, the color change occurs every 2 rows. 
First, knit a skirt from top to bottom. To do this, dial 250 air. etc., and knit a pattern according to the scheme of 25 cm, in the last row add to the pattern "pico" of 3 air. P..
At the top of the skirt, tie two rows of art. with / n, while prpararivaya skirt. Knit the top of the sarafan. For a cutout in the middle of the backrest, do not fix 1 festoon of the pattern, then with each change of color, do not fix 1/2 of the pattern's festoon. After reaching the cutting arm, stop, knit the front part of the sarafan, in the last row add to the pattern "pico" from 3 flights. n .. 

Assembling: spynki cutout front part and an upper tie 1 next item. b / n and 1 next to the "steppe step". For straps, tie 6 cords from 50 loops each, tie them in 2 rows of st. b / n. Combine the 3 strings, type in addition a chain of 70 air. etc., tie a number of st. b / n and 2 rows according to the scheme. Sew the straps (see the pattern or photo).

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