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Dress with elegant jacquard yoke can be worn in the garden and for a walk. It will definitely please the little girl. 

6 months (1–2) 4 years 
Breast girth: 50 (53–56) 59 cm 
Total length: 37 (41–44) 47 cm 
Sleeve length from armpit: 20 (23–27) 30 cm 

You will need 
Sandnes Garn Yarn Babyull Lanett (100% merino wool; 175 m / 50 g) - 3 (4–4) 5 skeins of blue-green (No. 7024), 1 (1–1) 2 skeins of natural white color (No. 1012), 1 each hank (for all sizes) green (No. 8543) and yellow (No. 2015); circular needles number 2.5 and 3; stocking needles number 2.5 and 3; markers for marking loops. 

Patterns and schemes 

Eraser circular rows 
Knit alternately 1 front, 1 purl. 

Facial smooth surface in circular rows
All loops knit facial. 

Coquette scheme 
Density of knitting 
27 p. = 10 cm, connected by the front satin stitch on the needles No. 3. 

Performance of work 
On the circular needles No. 2.5 with a blue-green thread, dial 296 (304–312) 320 points and tie up 2 cm with the front satin surface in circular rows and 1 circle. purl (row for hem); further this series is considered initial. 

Go to the circular needles number 3 and knit the front surface of the circle. in rows. 

After 5 cm from the initial row, attach 8 markers: 1 on each side, 3 on the front and 3 on the back; distance between adjacent markers 37 (38–39) 40 p. 

Reduce 16 p., knitting on both sides of each marker, 2 p. together with the front ones, and repeat these subtracts every 2 (2–2.5) 3 cm in total 10 times (= 136 (144–152) 160 p.).

After 25 (28–30) 32 cm from the starting row for armholes, close on each side 6 p. (3 p. On each side of the side marks). 

Postpone work. 

For stocking needles No. 2.5, dial 38 (40–40) 44 p. And tie 5 cm with an elastic band in circular rows. Go to the stocking needles No. 3 and uniformly add the loops so that the needles have 42 (46–46) 50 points. Mark the first and last loops of the circular row with markers. 

Knit with the front satin surface in circular rows and on both sides of the marked loops add 1 p. Every 3.5 (3.5–2.5) 2.5 cm until 50 (56–62) 68 p. On the spokes 

After 20 (23–27) 30 cm from the initial row, close 6 points (= both marked loops + 2 loops on both sides of the marked ones). 

Postpone all loops. 

Also tie the second sleeve.

Coquette To 
retake the postponed loops of both sleeves on circular needles No. 3 to the place of closed for pro-loop loops (= 212 (232–252) 272 p.). 

Mark with 4 markers the joints of the parts and knit the front surface with circular rows; in the 2nd round. make the raglan decrease as follows: after each marker, knit 2 paragraphs together of persons, before each marker 2 paragraphs together of persons. crossed (i.e., only 8 subtracts); repeat these decreases 3 more (4–5) 6 times (= 180 (192–204) 216 p.). 

Next, knit with a jacquard pattern according to the scheme, performing the indicated reductions (= 90 (96–102) 108 points). 

When finished knitting the scheme, go to the circular needles No. 2.5 and knit with a thread of natural white color with an elastic band in circular rows; through 2.5 cm of elastic to close all the loops on the picture. 

Run the seams armhole.

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