We knit a summer tunic

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Sizes: 36/38 (40/42) The

different data for size 36/38 is given before the brackets, for size 40/42 - in brackets. If there is only one number, it applies to both sizes.

You will need: sectional dyeing yarn (100% cotton: 240 m / 100 g) - 300 (400) g variegated; hook number 3,5.

Motive: complete a chain of 8 in. item and using 1 connection. Art. lock it in a ring. Continue to work in a circular pattern. Each circular row begins with the number c indicated on the diagram. p. instead of the 1st p. and end 1 connection. Art. in the last initial c. n. 1st + 2nd circle. R. run 1 time.

Knitting density: 1 motif = 7 x 7 cm.

Job Description:
Crochet 136 (160) motives and connect them, starting from the 2nd motive in the 2nd circular row, in the places indicated on the diagram with the arrow using the connection. Art. around the corresponding arch in. p., while the armholes and neck, as well as the bottom 35 cm for cuts at the side seams, leave open.

Size 36/38: back and front in the upper row to do without three middle motives (see pattern 1).

Size 40/42: back and front in the upper row to do without two middle motives (see pattern 2).

Tie all edges 1 in a row next to Art. non-cash

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