Knitting Cap with Sweet Pompon

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Yarn: Lana Gatto Super Soft
Spokes: 3 and 4
On OG: 46-48
Knitting density: 10cm * 20p (elastic)
* On Spokes 3 we collect 60 loops. Knit Rubber Band 1/1 in height about 2, 5-3 SM.
* We pass on Spokes 4 and knitting a platelkoj (in obverse and purl rows-obverse loops) to a height of 16 sm.
* Share knitting markers on 3 parts 21/18/21. * We Projazvayem 38 loops, the next loop remove and the loop after the marker is the front, removed loop through it. Turning knitting. * The first loop to remove not Projazazanna, 16 facial, the last loop to the marker and the first after it-the reverse together. Flip Knitting * First loop Remove and then knit the same Principu👆
* In each 5 row it is necessary to do Ubavki on each side (on 2 together obverse), until in the middle there will be 10 loops.
* When the side loops are over, close the middle.
* Knit ties in any convenient way for you.

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